a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

My fave Podcast

I love Fat 2 Fit radio. It’s a podcast and website. Russ and Jeff are the perfect pair. Russ is trying to lose weight and Jeff has lost weight and is trying to keep if off. They give you information on healthy weight loss.  I like they  are not trying to sell anything. No books or fitness equipment  Each podcast features  facts on the latest diets and fads but also the science behind it. Each segment includes a topic for the day, inspirational quote and recipe. My favorite thing is homework. It gives you something to think about that will help you with your weight loss. The show notes are on the webpage as well as the links that are mentioned in the podcast. The best thing is that you can actually talk to them. They will respond to email, voice mail, and Facebook post. I emailed about calories. ( It looked like I was eating too much) Jeff emailed me back the next day, It helps to have real people on the other end of the radio. I even got the idea to blog from them. On the webpage you can use the body fat and BMR calculators. So check out FAT 2 Fit radio podcast and Fat2fitradio.com. My homework this week it to give my 5 tips for weight loss.  Thanks for the idea guys!


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