a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

2 lbs Really!!

Did I really gain 2 lbs over night? UGH!  That scale is not going to drive me crazy but it really can affect my mood for he day. Not all is rosy in losing weight land. How did I gain 2 lbs over night? When your only losing a half pound to a pound a week  its frustrating.  Of course my friend tells me he lost 10 lbs this month. So! Why is it taking me 4 months to lose 20? I was almost there. Ok I planned for this. I will not quit or give up. I guess I gave been eating a lot of salt the past two days. I had tequila last night too. Maybe I just need more water. I’ve also gone under my calories for days. I’m not trying to. It’s just hard to get out of that mind-set. I heard this all before on fat 2 fit radio. I actually need to eat more. Listen to show #45. I keep this show permanently in my iPod.  Eating to little will keep you from losing. It could also  be I’m gaining muscle. I’ve added weights more consistently. It could be a lot of things but I probably didn’t gain two pounds of fat over night. We will see in the morning. I’ll keep you posted.


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