a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

It’s hard to eat enough when your eating right. Weight loss can drive you crazy! Don’t eat to much, don’t eat to little. When you eat healthy it’s hard to eat enough. I exercise in evening. So by the time I add exercise calories I have to much to eat in evening. I need to eat more in the day. I’m scared to eat more in case I don’t exercise. I think this has been a problem for me with every diet. I never eat enough. It’s something I need to figure out because this has stopped me in my tracks many times. Now that’s it’s almost summer its easier and better to move some of my workouts to morning. It’s to hot in evening. In winter it’s to cold and I hate to get up in the dark. If you eat below your bmr the scale doesn’t budge. I’m finally realize this. You would think as a doctor I would know this and I do. I knew 1200 calories was too low for most people but I figured 1600 was fine for me. I even used a bmr calculator. I just underestimated my activity. You hear you should eat more but don’t believe it. I listen to Jeff & Russ on fat2fitradio.com. Most of there emails discussed people eating to low. I even emailed them when the scale went up. It went down but then I got busy and started eating to low. It didn’t budge. Now I know it works!


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