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I watched Oprah’s first show and her last. I have pretty much been a fan of Oprah just not her audience. All those shreeking women were too much for me. This past season was one of her best. I like it when she has stars on and reunion show’s. I have followed her through her diet phase and it seems we have the same issues lose it but can’t keep it off. Oprah’s last message may mean different things to many people. What I got out of it was personal responsibility and get out of your own way. I watched the clip of her and Iyanla Vanzant. I was floored by watching Iyanla make it seem like it was Oprah’s fault that she didn’t know Oprah liked her. Like it was Oprah’s duty to tell her she was good. I’m like Oprah. I might not always tell you in words but I tell you in action and actions speak louder than words. It made me think of my journey. I’ve pretty much kept my weight loss journey to myself. I haven’t told my friends I’m blogging yet. I think I will ,but now I’m not looking for a lot of advice or trying to give a lot. I’m looking for  sounding ground as I work my way through it. I’m observing others and getting ideas. I help when I can and maybe my thoughts may help someone.  Hopefully I’m learning how to get out of my way this time. I usually let my anxieties and egos get in the way. I can do this faster! There must be something that works better than this. I know I tell my patients all they have to do is eat less and exercise more but secretly I think there is something else. This time I’ not going to block my blessings. I’m going to continue this journey, learn from it and pass it on. My platform has always been about health just not about my own. Now its my turn!


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  1. “I’ve pretty much kept my weight loss journey to myself. I haven’t told my friends I’m blogging yet.”
    Me either. I like to do things completely alone and “behind the scenes”. It’s way better to have family members or friends tell you “you look healthier” or “you look like you’ve lost weight” rather that you telling them you’re trying/on a mission and then they just sit and wait to see your results. I think it adds too much unnecessary pressure… at least I feel that way. Some people need that pressure as incentive… but I personally don’t react well to that. I guess I really don’t need (or want to need) anyone else for accountability other than myself (oh, and my blog… it helps sometimes).
    I love the “practice what you preach” sentiment. For all the weight loss wisdom I’ve cultivated and shared over the years, I should have a degree… so why not follow it myself?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog… I’ll be subscribing to yours as soon as I post this comment! 🙂 Good luck on your journey!

  2. Can’t really comment on the Oprah side of things, but I think going it alone on getting healthy may be counter-productive. There is research that shows having accountability with people who know you (as opposed to anonymous folks on the Web) can speed weight loss and improve adherence. You and I both know how hard it is to get people to follow through; make sure you help yourself with this aspect as much as possible.

    • Everyone knows I’m eating healthy and exercising. I’m just not talking about the blogging thing yet;) None of my friends are as serious about losing weight as I am now. I want to talk with people who are serious. I do plan to share the blog eventually.

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