a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

House Music Workout!

Chicago skyline at sunrise

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Did I tell you I’m an 80’s child. I grew up on Chicago House Music. House music is an electronic disco style  music that is heavy on the base. It has a soul funk kind of vibe. It was popular in the 80’s in Chicago. I was in high school and college during the 80’s. It’s a great form of exercise. When we were teenagers the girls would take an extra tank top and put it in our back pockets to change into. We worked up quit a sweat and were not into wet t-shirts yet:) When I think back to the 80’s I was looking good. I thought I was big at the time but I now think I was different from my mom and friends. They were all 3&4’s I was 6-8. I now know that was just me. I was never meant to be a petite girl. I’m surprised I was so little.I had a horrible diet. I ate Wendy’s every day after school and then went home for dinner. I also burned  so many calories back then. I walked everywhere. I rode my bike along Lake Michigan for hours.  I danced for activity. Jazz dance was popular and if you didn’t smile you would do a dance over 25 times. Back then I would put on my house music extended play LP (no play list back then) and dance around my room. I now listen to my playlist to bring me back to that time. I was young and free. I just didn’t know it. Now the music motivates me to sweat once again. What’s your favorite songs to make you sweat?



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