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Tempeh Yuck!


Tempeh, Image via Wikipedia

Ok, so I’m down for trying new things especially if they are healthy. I made a trip to Whole Paycheck I mean foods:). I went to the  Whole Foods Sacramento store. I was in town for a family event.Wow ,I love this store. So much more variety than the San Ramon one. I decided to try Lighten up 3 Grain Tempeh. Ewe ! Yuck that was gross. I cooked according to directions. I’ll stick to tofu. I love tofu. I’m trying a few other things. Amazing Grass’s Amazing Meal. It has protein, fruits and vegetables.  You can mix with water milk or juice. I’ll probably try milk . I don’t drink juice. I’ve never been a fan. I really don’t like sweet stuff  except for chocolate . I think it will be good for a snack. I’ll keep you posted. I didn’t buy the big bottle just single packs. My daughter liked the fruit and veggie section.We left with bananas, golden raspberries and  Barbara’s peanut butter cereal. It was time to go when she hit the cheese department. Mom I hate this part! It stinks. What are your new food finds?


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  1. Shirataki noodles! These were a recommendation I saw on the Dr. Oz show (a few times now). They are made of tofu and yam (sometimes mostly yam) and are only 20 calories a serving (comes in a bag and the whole thing is only 40 calories). They are tasteless, so they taste like whatever spices or sauce you use with them. I favor the spaghetti style and love them! The spaghetti style ones remind me of the look of Ramen noodles, so they really feel like a naughty treat, but aren’t!

  2. Ha ha, I HATED tempeh the first time I tried it. Did you season or marinate it with anything? The taste on its own can be a little bland. Might I suggest a few recipes?

    1. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/orange-panglazed-tempeh-recipe.html
    2. http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2009/06/tempeh-bacon-recipe-vegan-facon-makes.html
    3. http://edibleperspective.com/2010/12/chriss-breaded-tempeh/

    Give it another chance 🙂

  3. caridwen said:

    “Whole Paycheck” – love it!! I have often felt that way!! :o) I always feel a little pit-of-the-stomach “oops” just before the cashier hits “total”…!

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