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Couch to 5K: Week One - Workout One

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I was thinking about starting a running program again. I like how easy it is to do and minimal equipment is needed. I already have a Couch to 5K App set up on my phone. My biggest problem is I worry about by knee and shin I have had two knee injuries in the past few years. I run now in Tae Kwon Do and I feel fine. That of course is barefoot and on a mat. The last time I started a running program it was on concrete. My knee’s didn’t hurt but I would get this pain and numbness in my lower legs. Should I run on concrete ,asphalt or a dirt track? Should I do the barefoot running thing? What are the best running shoes. Should I wait till my weight is down before running.? I think this would be better for my knee. Oh ,so many questions for something I did everyday as a kid. The only reason I was thinking about the barefoot running thing was the shin pain. I don’t get in Tae Kwon Do. It seems I only get it with chunky running shoes. I hate shoes! I love that martial arts is a barefoot sport. Let me know your ideas. I really could use some help with this one


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  1. I have the biggest issues with shoes. First it was because I came from a childhood of NEVER wearing traditional sneakers, so now I can’t. Something about the way my heel shaped makes it so regular sneakers kill my heels. I also had plantar fasciitis, though I haven’t had pain in over a year (compared to the feeling of someone stabbing me in the bottom of my feet up through my heel every morning before that). It stopped when I started walking more regularly and changing my shoes to the rocker sole kind (like Shape Ups). Forget the effect they claim to have for shaping your calves and butt – I like them because of all the foot support they offer! I bought the cheaper Champion kind, but due to my heel issues, I actually took a utility knife and cut out the backs of my sneakers and then they were perfect. For the summer I found Danskin Now toning sandals that I love! (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Danskin-Now-Women-s-Tranquility-Toning-Fit-Sandals/15155249)
    I find that my feet/legs are more forgiving and like it better when I walk on soft ground (dirt track, rubbery playground surface, grass) versus concrete or pavement. When it comes to harder surfaces, you really need the best shoes you can find.

  2. your best bet is to go to a running store and have them assess your foot for the right sneakers and the best fit. Depending on your arch, the way you roll your foot when you walk or run, etc., you may need a specific kind of running shoe. Barefoot running or minimal running shoes are supposed to help prevent injuries because they engage different muscles, so that may be right for you. For me, I do better with a stability running shoe. As for avoiding shin splints, I don’t run every day; i stick to every other day and I haven’t had any problems.
    I switch up running with swimming, bicycling and walking, so I’m not overusing the same muscles. Good luck with your running!

    • I did that before but my foot grew after 40 . It sucks I’m going to try that again. I just wanted tobe be armed with info before I go. They are sale people so I’m always leary.

  3. I vote for barefoot/Five fingers running with a slow, gentle start. I’m taking a while to work up to 5K in my Five Fingers but my feet are the only part that hurt with them. My back and knees usually complain after much road running so I’ve stuck to treadmill for the last few years. My gait changes so much in Five Fingers that all that has gone away and I am a forever fan. Get measured and try it!

    • I like. I will try the minimal style. I aiming for a in between style. I’m only trying to run a at the most a 10 k. I got 2 years to work up to that for black belt testing.

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