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Television is a problem for me and the rest of the world.  It is making us a nation of couch potatoes. It is bad for your health. It will stop me in my tracks. I will have a schedule planned and  I get side tracked . Just one more episode. It will change a workout. Maybe I’ll do this instead so I can watch TV. It will make me sit there for hours!  I tried not watching  TV and do stuff on my computer.  My husband said TV is just as bad as my computer. I say yes both are bad but my computer is not as bad. I will turn off the computer. I won’t miss anything. It will be there when I get back.

I can’t cut TV in my house hold but I do plan on limiting it for my daughter and  me. I tell my patients no more than 2 hours of TV a day and no TV in your room.  You would be surprised how many people read that in my office and ask why should we do that?   Really?! My daughter doesn’t have a TV in her room but when you have five other TV’s in the house it’s still easy to watch. My plan is to keep my child busy. Outside time,reading time and play time are all the plan. I will be moving to audio books on my phone so I can stay active and not be bored. The main thing is to just turn it off! What are your plans for eliminating TV?


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  1. we got our cable shut off so the only tv we watch is on our computer thru hulu and netflix. it is really nice because the tv is not on all day!

  2. I share the problem with TV. I get pulled in… just one more episode… just one more…
    I will never allow a TV in my child’s room. Bedrooms are for sleeping and at most, maybe a desk for homework, otherwise it is for sleep. Besides taking away the opportunity to set “sucked in” to watching, there have been so many studies on sleep that prove you should do nothing but sleep in your bed (don’t do your bills on your bed, no big discussions, no TV, no homework) because all of that can affect your sleep.
    If I ever put a TV in my adult bedroom, it’ll be for porn only! LOL

    As for the family room tv, I think it’s a good idea to try and make it a reward for getting something else done. I used to do that when it was just me, but now with my kid at home with me, it could be occupied at the wrong time and my reward isn’t always available or we get distracted with other things.

  3. Great post, DrKay! TV kills – I’m tweeting your post this afternoon (@doctorfoodtruth), this needs read!

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