a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

Chillin and Grillin:)



I work this weekend and the next 5 days. Yep 7 days in a row. That will not stop my workout or meal plan. It’s a beautiful day outside so I decided to cook meals for the week on the grill. I only plan to do major cooking once this week. I love my grill. Its big and has gas. I’m grilling not barbecuing all you charcoal fanatics. You can do so much on the grill. I have a pizza, sweet potatoes, chicken and pork tenderloin on the grill now. I will do veggies when I have some room. Having a huge Samsung fridge makes it easy to cook for the week. I can store anything. Now time for me to chill in my backyard with my Kombucha and the grill. How do you get your grill on?


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