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Anxiety sucks!!!

Did I mention I have anxiety. I’m up now because I can’t go to sleep. If I close my eye’s I feel like I want to get up and fly away. I’ve been doing fine for years. I used to be on antidepressant meds for it but weaned myself off. I realized missing a dose of medication was worse than an anxiety attack. I have been stressed from all sides lately. Work, family,friends. This makes me miss my mom. She used to be the one I called when I couldn’t sleep. When I got to stressed out. She was always there to help. It’s been 5 years since she passed. I miss her more tonight than anything. I feel alone. No one to call. Can’t wake up my husband. He has to work in morning. I know this feeling shall pass. It just shocks me. I go years not feeling this way. The bam why am I tripping ? Anxiety sucks!!!


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  1. I have anxiety too. What was it that you were anxious about that kept you up at night? I practice breathing techniques and sometimes I pray and it helps me fall back asleep. I also find that exercise during the day helps me get good sleep too. All the best to you.


  3. when are start feeling that way it is usually right before i get my period. a really hard workout usually helps me reset and then i feel better. hope you feel a bit better this morning though……anxiety is tough!

    • I worked out 50 min tkd but had such a stressful day I didn’t hydrate well. That led to stomach cramping not being able sleep then I got stressed out cause I’m doc of the day with meetings and a boat load of patients today;( I feel better now thanks;)

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