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Vitamin D low?

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Can I tell y ou how much I love my healthcare system. My labs are rolling in. I get an email to tell me when they are ready. I just look them up online. Even on the weekend! My TSH and vitamin D are back. TSH is normal and my vitamin D is low. I love milk. I live in California and get plenty of sun. Why would my vitamin D be low? Well, my BMI is high and I’m African-American. I am fair skin so I didn’t think absorbing it from the sun would be problem. Apparently vitamin D likes to hang in my fat cells. When is does my body can’t use it.

It is believed low levels of vitamin D cause mood swings. MMM I should have known about this years ago. Having a normal vitamin D level can prevent cancer and osteoporosis. My doctor will email me with instructions for treatment. I actually get the results before she gets them since it’s the weekend. I can take a daily supplement of 2000 to 5000 units or take a once a week 5000 iu dose. I think I’ll just add it to my daily pill pack or I will forget. I have been feeling kind of moody lately but I thought it was just my so called life. I will keep you posted. Happy 4th July! I’m getting some sun today;)


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  1. i was low in vit d too but started taking a high grade supplement. apparently many people are low in it even if they get sun exposure.

  2. DrKay, I think that is great news! I am always excited to find low vitamin D in my patients. It seems VERY linked to mood disturbance, fatigue, and difficulty losing weight, particularly in women. If your doctor is ok with it, try to push your levels to the high end of your labs’ normal, this seems (anecdotal only) to help most.
    Do take it with food, though. Some people get amazing heartburn from it and give up. Hopefully not you- good luck!

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