a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight


I live Tae Kwon Do! I started last year on a fluke. I went to sign up my daughter. 5 things I love about Tae Kwon Do.
Moon Yip- I don’t know how to spell it but we say it in the beginning and end of class. Bow your head clear your mind. It feels so good to focus only on thing for 1 hour
No age gap- I can and am expected to do as well as the teenage boy
Kiap- it’s what you yell when you kick or punch. Great stress reliever
work out- we run ,jump, kick, squats push ups. No class is ever the same
Teaching- it’s in my nature as a doctor to teach. I love working with the lower belts.
What your favorite exercise and why?


Comments on: "5 Things I Love About Tae Kwon Do" (4)

  1. cycling for sure for me! love how strong it makes me feel. i guess kinda like you in the sense that you are expected to compete with all ages……love this post!

  2. I like circuit training… for similar reasons. Lots of choices, always different… and I’ve seen major results. 🙂 Way to go!

    • Great I like circuit training and cycling to.I really need to get out an cycle . I saw so many cyclelist yesterday. I just need to drive first to a cooler area

  3. J. nelson said:

    My top Favorite is the selfdefens teaching it and learning it.

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