a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

I wrote about my coconut oil confusion a few days ago. I have since joined Twitter and been bombarded with post on coconut oil. Enough already I’m trying it.  I reviewed several articles and learned I need to use virgin unrefined coconut oil.   That means my daughter’s popcorn oil doesn’t count. I will have to try our homemade popcorn with my new oil. I’ve  learned of nonfood uses. Use it for your hair and Skin. I tried it with my eggs and it didn’t taste like coconut. Yeah! I was a little worried about that. I picked Kelapo brand. No particular reason. I  was at Whole Foods and looked at price for what I wanted. I’m still curious because Fooducate only gives coconut oil a and recommends Olive oil and Canola oil. I will keep you posted on my experience. I look forward to trying new recipes! I saw some good ones on Kelapo’s blog  http://coconutoilcooking.com/.


Comments on: "Coconut Oil: Ok I’m trying it!" (2)

  1. Glad to see the scale is out the window, and congrats on the weight loss! Coconut oil is great because it doesn’t go rancid. Most commercial olive oils are already rancid when you buy them and only increase oxidative stress on your body.

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