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Is Frozen Food Healthy?

I’m trying to stay on track. The sumner weekends are rough! I try to eat healthy on weekends but so many parties and events. I’m even having hard time during the week. This past week I have bought a frozen meal for lunch everyday. I had been making my lunch for a while but these past few weeks I’ve been in the “this us better than nothing role” I know I can make a healthier more satisfying lunch but! That’s the problem no buts. I did it before and I can do it again. Frozen food usually has too much salt and too many carbs. I try to stick to healthy brands with whole grains. Today’s lunch is Kashi Red Curry Chicken. I will probably add a hand full of nuts. I wish I had thrown in a cup or two of spinach. Well tomorrow I will start again. The important part is not give up. Do you have a favorite frozen meal ?




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  1. frozen foods just makes you want more….. try making hummus on sunday it will keep all week….. i also boil free range eggs on sunday…. a cup mixed nuts (walnuts and green tea both help you lose belly fat), wild caught california coast sardines in spring water thrown in salsa, eat the hummus and sardines on organic blue corn tortilla chips…..this stuff is as easy to grab as the frozen dinner………..you have to hunt a bit to eat right…..better then waiting in line at a pizza joint though

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