a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight


One thing I love about my job is our employee wellness program.  LIVE WELL BE WELL is our motto.We are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise. They schedule events throughout the year to encourage these activities. We have health fairs, walking at lunch groups,cooking and  art classes. We had a fitness test today. They do this about once or twice a year.  Its kind of cool. They check your weight, blood pressure and fitness. You even get a lovely water bottle for attending. I really wanted to go this year. I was the first one there:). I’ve worked hard at improving everything. I’m so excited to say that I did  improve in almost all the test. My Body Fat is down from 43% to 35%.  My Blood Pressure was  130/80  and is down to 118/70. My post exercise heart rate is down to 82 from 116. I need to work on my flexibility but oh well can’t fix it all at once.  Does your job support your health and fitness? Mine does:)


Comments on: "LIVE Well Be WELL" (4)

  1. Good for you Dr Kay……my companies wellness program changed my life very valuable tool..

  2. this is so great! you have really changed your life! so proud of you…..

  3. How great! I normally dread our health screenings, but I’m looking forward to the next one.

    Thanks for your visit and comment to Inhabit the Beauty!

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