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Vacation Planning Again!

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I’m leaving on a jet plane to Washington DC in the morning. It not my usual vacation its my annual CME (Continuing Medical Education). You think that would be healthy right? A bunch of doctors healthy NOT! Trust me we learned most of our bad habits while getting our medical education. DC is one of my favorite places. I lived in the area for 8 years. The conference will have mostly hotel food .We also have a lot of lectures at swanky restaurants. Then you throw in my DC favorite half smokes from Ben’s Chili Bowl and I’m in trouble. In fact DC is where I gained my weight. It’s the scene of the crime!!! This will take some careful planning. I know I will eat out but the goal is to have healthy meals during the day and do my best at dinner. I won’t have my usual fridge  and microwave. I’m staying in a regular hotel room. I plan to go to the store when I get there and buy healthy cereal or breakfast bar for the morning.  Some Lara bars for snacks. I can usually find a good salad for lunch.  Wish me luck. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Pack nuts….raw walnuts-raw pecans-dried cranberries-raw sunflower-papita….they also help you lose weight…..walnuts burn belly fat and have an extremely high orac value……the fat they contain won’t make you fat…..a full cup a day every day…..pack GTea….sardines…….any health food store will have good granola for breakfast….barley is the best…..

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