a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

Time is a major stress factor for me. I don’t have time to do everything! That is not new. I’ve never had time to do everything I wanted to do . The thing that has changed is I no longer try. We live in an age where we are easily accessible. Cell phones have only increased our stress level. I looked at my life the past year and made myself less available. I don’t answer every call or text. I have telephone free time. I turned off the notification for text message. Only two relatives have an audible notification. For the most part I keep my ringer off.  I don’t use my ear piece so I don’t talk while driving. I no longer give out my home number . I’ve done that for years because well-meaning people think you want to talk to them about there child’s fever in the middle of the night even if you’re not their doctor. I don’t! My job loves to schedule lunch meetings. Some are important some are not. I no longer feel obligated to go to  every meeting. Send me an email! I don’t need a chit-chat session about the future of medicine. I’d rather be outside walking or finishing my charts so I can go home on time. I’ve let go of many social or work obligations. No, I do not want to work extra even for money. Fortunately I can do that . I’m taking my time back! This may seem selfish to some. So be it. I never had the power to make everyone happy so at least I can work on making me and my immediate family happier by having uninterrupted family time.  Take back your time . Do it for you! What are you doing to manage your time?


Comments on: "Time is Something I’m Taking Back!" (2)

  1. Good advice – I need to follow it, just not sure how… Had a 13-hour day yesterday, doesn’t leave much in the tank at the end, ya know?

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