a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

Walking is Great!


I miss walking. I grew up in a large city and I’m used to walking. It makes me feel good! It gives me energy. I don’t use it as my main source of exercise . Walking is like extra exercise. When I was in Washington DC on a recent trip we walked everywhere . It bought back lots of memories. Growing up I walked from Balboa Street to the Watertower. Lake Michigan was a favorite. I live in the burbs now and walking isn’t as easy or fun. I do have a 1 mile walking area in my neighborhood but after 11 years its boring. I need a destination. When I lived in the city destinations were many ,but now I’m lucky if its paved. I guess Its kind of like hiking but it doesn’t feel as safe.  I could alway drive to a more pleasant area but that defeats the purpose of walking. Oh well I just need to get over it and get my walk on.  Do you like to walk?


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