a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

Eat Well To Feel Well!

It amazes me how people constantly eat junk and then wonder why they feel like crap. As a pediatrician I see teenagers who do not eat healthy. They don’t eat breakfast and wonder why they have headaches in the middle of school. They eat junk and wonder why they gain weight and get constipated.  Don’t drink water and wonder why they are dizzy. I was a teenager once but I never skipped meals. My problem was what I ate. I ate veggies but it was the pizza puffs for lunch and McDonald’s after school that was the problem. Mind you I don’t hear from these kids most of the summer. School starts Monday and this is when the problems will start. I tell kids make your lunch.  “my mom never buy’s anything I like” is the usual response or I don’t like vegetables, They walk in the office with Gatorade‘s and Starbucks in hand. Don’t tell me to talk to the parents. They have even more excuses.  They have too much homework to exercise. I buy healthy stuff they won’t eat it. I have information sheets, links to podcast and nutrition videos. I think it goes in one ear and out the other. Last year I asked my patients to bring me pictures of them exercising. I included pictures of me doing the same. I call it my thrive board.  It’s great. People tell me  friends tell them “I saw you on the wall at the doctor”s office”. This year I’m changing it up. I think I’ll put up pictures of children eating healthy food. I’ll start with my staff. Maybe it will catch on!


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  1. I was an overweight child and then an overweight adult – all because I ate junk (and lots of it!) and never exercised. It really is as simple as eat less and exercise more. Crazy, hu? *laugh*

    I think your wall of exercise is a great idea! And since it got such positive responses, why not try the healthy eating wall? It could be a total wellness theme 🙂

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