a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

Ok I finally get it. Today I started eat after not eating for two days with nausea and diarrhea. I usually tell people a BRAT diet the first two days. Bananas,rice, apple sauce and toast. I was planning on going to the store before I got sick. No bananas or apple sauce in the house. Only whole grain toast and brown rice. My handout from ER said avoid those. I was left with cup of noodles unless I wanted to cook. When I reviewed my hand out I realized I should avoid everything I usually eat. Whole grain foods, fruits with skin, green leafy vegetables. Avoid cocoa and spices. I don’t buy regular cracker. I have garlic rosemary crackers. I realize they don’t want your GI system to work hard. They want foods that are easy digestible. Processed food fits the bill. Well I guess I can live with this for a few days. My gluten free trial is over for now. The noodles didn’t bother me. I’ll still keep dairy free. Wish me a speedy recovery.


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