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Exercise 3 Hours a Day! WTH?

Today was me day. I have a vacation day so a trip to the spa was in order. I banned my phone. No texting , email or Facebook. It’s was relaxing time. Nails and hair were the plan for the day. So why do I start reading magazines? Cosmo and Glamour are enough to give you anxiety. I read an article about Jessica Alba. She was talking about post baby weight. She is working back up to her usual 3 hours a day, 5 days a week workout. Really? Mom of two, star, business mogul. I was tired just reading it. How do you do that? It takes that to look like that? It would make me not want to try! I know the reality is she’s not the average person and I can’t live up to that. I can live up to my 30 min a day a least and 5 days a week.


Walking is Great!


I miss walking. I grew up in a large city and I’m used to walking. It makes me feel good! It gives me energy. I don’t use it as my main source of exercise . Walking is like extra exercise. When I was in Washington DC on a recent trip we walked everywhere . It bought back lots of memories. Growing up I walked from Balboa Street to the Watertower. Lake Michigan was a favorite. I live in the burbs now and walking isn’t as easy or fun. I do have a 1 mile walking area in my neighborhood but after 11 years its boring. I need a destination. When I lived in the city destinations were many ,but now I’m lucky if its paved. I guess Its kind of like hiking but it doesn’t feel as safe.  I could alway drive to a more pleasant area but that defeats the purpose of walking. Oh well I just need to get over it and get my walk on.  Do you like to walk?

5 Things I Love About Tae Kwon Do


I live Tae Kwon Do! I started last year on a fluke. I went to sign up my daughter. 5 things I love about Tae Kwon Do.
Moon Yip- I don’t know how to spell it but we say it in the beginning and end of class. Bow your head clear your mind. It feels so good to focus only on thing for 1 hour
No age gap- I can and am expected to do as well as the teenage boy
Kiap- it’s what you yell when you kick or punch. Great stress reliever
work out- we run ,jump, kick, squats push ups. No class is ever the same
Teaching- it’s in my nature as a doctor to teach. I love working with the lower belts.
What your favorite exercise and why?

Brown Belt Testing

Kick Butt Girls!!

My daughter and I test for our brown belts in Tae Kwon Do tomorrow.

  • Running Jump Front Kick – Check
  • Running Jump Round House Kick- Check
  • Running Jump Back Leg Side Kick – Check
  • Palgwe 1-5 with #5 having  35 movements I just have to pray on that one;)
  • 1 steps 1-5 check
  • Sparring – Check

97 degree temp estimate at the time of testing Oh Lord I’m going to fry!

Wish us luck. I just have to keep my “I GOT This!” attitude.

Pool Workout For Weightloss


You don’t have to swim laps to get your workout on in the pool! I’m a working mom and have to get my workout in when I can. Where I live its 97 degrees in the shade. Our backyard pool has been my savior. I can play with my kid and work out. I did this on my recent vacation and decided to continue this week. its a nice change of pace. I warm up by treading water then alternate resistance training with cardio. My waterproof watch helps me keep time. You can use water weights but a noodle or pool ball will do. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

My Workout

  • warm up 5 min tread water 2 minutes, Butt kickers 2 minutes, jumping jacks 1 minute
  • lateral arm raises, front arm raise hammer curls and dips for 2 minutes (about 30 each)
  • cardio 2 minutes – jumping jacks,but kickers
  • squats and lunges on pool stairs 1 minute
  • I repeat x 3 then I swim laps last 5 minutes

Vegas Vacation Workout!

You can workout on Vacation without going to the icky gym. If you have a kid it’s even better. My daughter wants to spend the day in the pool. I decided to take advantage of that. I could have laid by the pool & ate and drank. That would be lots of calories and not fun. Don’t get me wrong I did eventually have a drink and shrimp avocado ceviche but that was after 2 hours in the pool. We played volleyball ,basketball and I used a noodle thing for resistance training. We raced and dunked each other under water. I was exhausted when I got out. I finally convinced her to play with the other kids in the pool. She stayed in another two hours. I have a pool at home. I have to remember that on really hot days it’s a great way to exercise. I don’t use my pool nearly as much as I should. Do you have any favorite pool exercises?


Running ,I’m so confused!

Couch to 5K: Week One - Workout One

Image by burntfilm via Flickr

I was thinking about starting a running program again. I like how easy it is to do and minimal equipment is needed. I already have a Couch to 5K App set up on my phone. My biggest problem is I worry about by knee and shin I have had two knee injuries in the past few years. I run now in Tae Kwon Do and I feel fine. That of course is barefoot and on a mat. The last time I started a running program it was on concrete. My knee’s didn’t hurt but I would get this pain and numbness in my lower legs. Should I run on concrete ,asphalt or a dirt track? Should I do the barefoot running thing? What are the best running shoes. Should I wait till my weight is down before running.? I think this would be better for my knee. Oh ,so many questions for something I did everyday as a kid. The only reason I was thinking about the barefoot running thing was the shin pain. I don’t get in Tae Kwon Do. It seems I only get it with chunky running shoes. I hate shoes! I love that martial arts is a barefoot sport. Let me know your ideas. I really could use some help with this one

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