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Foot Hurts,diet sucks,

My last five days have been a little crazy! I hurt my foot in Thai Kwon Do. I got kicked in sparring. No big besides going to Vegas the next morning. I went for my dad’s 86th birthday and cousins wedding. I had packed cute shoes but I spent the weekend in my Glittery Tods.  My foot swollen and painful.  Limping around Vegas so not fun. I tried to eat healthy and planned to hit the gym at the Trump Tower Hotel. Neither worked out. Back home today. I told my husband I was going to grocery store and would use the scooter. I’m craving my Kale! He said I should go to the doctor. Ugh! I can walk on it. It can’t be broken ? Stay tuned!


I love my Tods!


Vacation Planning Again!

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I’m leaving on a jet plane to Washington DC in the morning. It not my usual vacation its my annual CME (Continuing Medical Education). You think that would be healthy right? A bunch of doctors healthy NOT! Trust me we learned most of our bad habits while getting our medical education. DC is one of my favorite places. I lived in the area for 8 years. The conference will have mostly hotel food .We also have a lot of lectures at swanky restaurants. Then you throw in my DC favorite half smokes from Ben’s Chili Bowl and I’m in trouble. In fact DC is where I gained my weight. It’s the scene of the crime!!! This will take some careful planning. I know I will eat out but the goal is to have healthy meals during the day and do my best at dinner. I won’t have my usual fridge  and microwave. I’m staying in a regular hotel room. I plan to go to the store when I get there and buy healthy cereal or breakfast bar for the morning.  Some Lara bars for snacks. I can usually find a good salad for lunch.  Wish me luck. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Last Night In Vegas!

Can you say stuffed and pooped! We leave tomorrow. I spent the day hanging out with my dad. He had a back ache so we just chilled at his assisted living facility. It’s a great place. He has a one bedroom with a kitchenette. They just don’t have a stove. He doesn’t like it. He gets tired of looking at old people and doesn’t want to go on trips on the bus. I would love it. Someone to cook 3 meals a day, wash my close and clean my apartment for under 3000 a month. Did I mention daily activities,the gym and a pub on site.

My daughter and I went to Paris (hotel that is) this evening. I love that place. The Eiffel tower was a little scary. 46 stories high in a glass elevator. Me being afraid of heights is new but I survived. We had chocolate crepes and went to The Sugar Factory. This is a candy store and restaurant. I was great but I passed on the $22 lollypop. We loved the shops and decided to buy souvenirs. I wish I had more room to eat because I love french food. We ate with my dad earlier and I just can’t eat as much as I used to.Yeah! C’est La Vie. Its my new life. Well I’ve got to get my clothes out the dryer. Did I tell you I love timeshares. I’m taking home clean clothes. The things that excite me are getting scarier by the minute! Happy fathers day! I’m so blessed to have an 86 y/o dad to spend it with.




Vegas Vacation Workout!

You can workout on Vacation without going to the icky gym. If you have a kid it’s even better. My daughter wants to spend the day in the pool. I decided to take advantage of that. I could have laid by the pool & ate and drank. That would be lots of calories and not fun. Don’t get me wrong I did eventually have a drink and shrimp avocado ceviche but that was after 2 hours in the pool. We played volleyball ,basketball and I used a noodle thing for resistance training. We raced and dunked each other under water. I was exhausted when I got out. I finally convinced her to play with the other kids in the pool. She stayed in another two hours. I have a pool at home. I have to remember that on really hot days it’s a great way to exercise. I don’t use my pool nearly as much as I should. Do you have any favorite pool exercises?


Running Shoe Update

Yeah, I got my shoes. I’m trying the minimalist barefoot thing. I can’t do the 5 finger toes. They just didn’t feet my feet right. I bought Merrell Pace Gloves. I couldn’t wait to try them out so I tried the treadmill at the hotel gym. So far so good. My feet felt good and I didn’t get numbness in my shins. I didn’t do a full test. I did 1 minute intervals for about 20 minutes in the hotel gym. I couldn’t do any longer .The ventilation sucked and it was way too hot in there. I’m just not a gym girl. Too many people. I prefer to exercise at home or outside. I will have to try the track at my daughters school. It may be the Sangria I had last night or  hanging out at Eve’s at CityCenter Vegas. Either way I’m not able to hang like I used to;)



Vending Machine For Wine

Ok this is off the topic of weight loss. Actually maybe not. I think it could be a great way to get my wine on and save on calories. It a wine tasting vending machine. I was at the M resort in Vegas. It’s on the far end of the Las Vegas Blvd. The restaurant is Veloce Cibo. We did Sushi and wine. That is a favorite combo of mine. They have these vending machines for wine. Its cool! You use a prepaid card and just put it in machine and it dispenses 1-3 oz pours. Its chilled to the perfect temp. The bar we were at had 25 types of wine. Red ,white and sake. They have one down stairs that has 160 wines. It’s a good way to taste different wines without drinking a whole glass. I will say I felt like crap this morning. I have stayed away from alcohol recently. Even wine. I think that and the heat yesterday left me dehydrated this morning. Live and learn. I had a great time. The wine vending machine is the bomb as long as you don’t go overboard .


Scale Vacation!

I am forced to take a scale vacation!. I’m in lovely Las Vegas and my wonderful timeshare doesn’t have a scale. What am I going to do? I usually weigh myself butt naked in the morning after I pee. I can’t do that for a week. I’m actually really happy about that. Ok ,its only the second day and I may feel different by the end of the week. I like to look at the positive side of things and this could be good for me mentally. I need a scale break. That doesn’t mean I will go on a feeding frenzy. I still need to watch my calories but also enjoy my self.

Staying in a time share can help with that. You can actually rent them now. It’s cheaper than the hotel I usually stay. I love the full kitchen, fridge and washer dryer. I packed Cereal,oatmeal,coffee, nuts and dried fruit in my carry on bag. . The store in the timeshare was great for pick ing up milk ,fresh fruit, and canned tuna. My goal is to have breakfast and snacks. There is a grill at the pool you can use. This will be cool! Did I mention the gym. Ok enough for now time to vacay;)


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