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Help! Summer is here;)

Help summer time is here! Ok it’s technically spring but I live in California. The back yard parties are in full swing. The wine & tequila are flowing. Not to mention chips & dip. You would think summer time means more exercise and lighter meals but not for me. It means it will be too hot to due anything by July. If you don’t exercise in the morning forget it until 7 pm. Lucky for me Thai Kwon Do is at 7:30. It also means I must practice mindful eating especially at all these parties I plan to attend this summer. I love to party. I’ve lost 35 lbs in this journey. It’s slow but it’s not a race. I plan in loosing 20 more pounds. I will not let summer stop me. It on now ! Me vs summer.


Calories Count!

I will say time and time again calories count. The new catch phrase is whole grains. Several times this week I heard “I eat whole grains. Why aren’t I losing weight ?” I will admit its good to eat whole grains. You still have to be conscious with your calories. If your eating too many calories your not going to lose weight. Whole grains are not a fat burner. I’ve lost weight before and my downfall is latching on to something I can’t keep up or making my diet so restrictive I give up. Not this time. I’m making permanent changes. I now prefer brown rice to white. Quinoa to mashed potatoes but I do know in the end calories count. Don’t let a diet myth stop you in your tracks!

Who Are you Listening Too?

Sometimes I wonder if people are listening. I’m overweight but I know why! I eat too much of the wrong things. I am changing that. It’s not easy. I’m in the strange area where I am doing that and counseling people to do that. Today I had an interesting conversation with a coworker. She asked me about my punching bag in my office. She states she is getting gastric bypass and needs to lose weight. She was advised to exercise and thinks this would be cool to have for exercise at home. I agree. I love my punching bag. The doctor in me says you know you have to change your eating habits too.  She tells me she knows and has talked about this with the gastric bypass people and the psychiatrist.  She needs to lose 20 lbs before surgery.  I think the conversation is cool until she says I need to lose weight quick my friend says eat corn flakes and I’ll lose weight.  Really corn flakes?  I say it’s not corn flakes but just eating less of bad foods more of good. She says she know’s all that but her friend told her corn flakes would make her lose weight fast. I get this often. Who are you going to listen too, your friend or the person who know’s what they are talking about.  The gastric bypass people or your friend. Its frustrating!!!   There is no magic food, pill or surgery for that matter.  Change your lifestyle. It’s the only thing that will work.  Sometimes I want to knock on people’s head and say HELLO is anybody home?  I can’t do this but until then I will continue to practice what I preach and keep on preaching!

Old Clothes On The New Me

I would be lying if I told you I’m only losing weight to be healthy. Health is the most important reason just not the only. I like to look good and I love cloths and shoes. I’m now fitting into some of my old favorite clothes. I didn’t keep all my old clothes just my favorite’s. I’ve done this weight loss thing before but this is the longest I’ve stuck to a plan. It is amazing when I try on something and like wow it fits. Even shoes! I bought a pair of suede peep toe ankle boots. I have wide feet and the left one wouldn’t fit. My husband and I had date night Friday night. I had on old jeans and a vest. These shoes would be perfect. Let me try one more time. Voila! They fit!! Off I went to Yoshi’s San Fransisco  to see Boney James looking as cute as I wanted too. It’s a good feeling.


Me & Boney


My new old kicks!

Why am I Losing Weight?

Wow I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. This is surprising! I was sick but I’ve been fine these past 2 weeks, Have I broken my plateau? Is it the kale? I’ve added kale as my new favorite veggie. I’m puzzled!
I’m not counting calories. I’m actually not doing any formal exercise until today. I have been remodeling a bedroom last week and working like crazy this week. Why do I lose weight when I’m not trying but have a hard time when I’m trying too? I think I will never know! I’ll just keep eating healthy and exercising.

Diet Confusion!

I guess if I was losing 1-2 lbs a weeks it I wouldn’t look into all these crazy diets. BF (before 40) I could lose weight. Not a problem I just couldn’t keep it off. I’m not mad that I’m not losing like before. I have made progress and trying to make life long changes. I also want to be healthy ,not just slimmer. This is where the confusion comes in. You got your vegan, raw,gluten-free, clean eating , primal,no grain people, what the heck am I supposed to eat? I’M NOT SAYING ANY OF THESE ARE WRONG!  I’m just puzzled. I thought whole grains were healthy now Dr Mercola says no grains except fruit and veggies. The Health Hound says all fruits and veggies are ok but eat grains only after a work out. I’m a doctor and I’m confused.  The Primal/Paleo sounds like Atkins. Did caveman live long enough to be healthy? The more I look at different diets the more I feel frustrated. I don’t know what works the best for me. It ‘s really trial and error and I have to do what makes sense to me. For now I will increase my veggies, continue to eat my fruit, and choose lean proteins and whole grains. You can’t go wrong with that or can you? I would love to hear what works for you.

Appetite Suppressants So Not The Answer For Me

Spot Dessert Bar

I had a patient asked me about appetite suppressants. I hardly ever talk about them. I’ve never used them in children and there isn’t one approved for children at this point. I attended three lectures on obesity last week. One focusing on weight loss for middle age women,one for children and other for everyone. The speakers didn’t mention appetite suppressants at all. The audience asked in the adult lecture and the experts wouldn’t recommend for long-term use or at all. I don’t think it would work for me. I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I am a emotional eater. I do get hungry but most extra eating is just because I like to eat. I eat for several reasons. Bored, anger, stress, happy you name it. Eating small meals often has helped curb that a bit. I still need to work on social situations. I did pretty good this week but know I still need to work on it. It’s a work in progress. I ate way to much at a party. It seems the free food is the same as eat all you want. I love it when people come by with trays. A dessert bar is disaster. Would an appetite suppressant have helped me at this party NOT! I stopped being hungry after the first plate . It was the stupid trays with something new that looked so good. Am I going to stress on this? NO! I just remember next time stay away from the people with trays!! I wouldn’t mind trying a natural appetite suppressant. I heard drinking chia seeds and water is good. I was out-of-town and didn’t plan but next time its on Have you tried appetite suppressants? Do they work for you?

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