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Fast Weight loss

I ‘ve  lost about 15 pounds in the past 4 1/2 months. That is really slow but I’m working on it.  That’s another post .People are beginning to notice and will comment as well as tell me their weight lost. One recent comment “I lost 15 lbs in a month” irked me a little. I wanted to yell “That’s too much! Your just going to gain it back.” That would have been rude, even though it might have been truthful. Instead I asked “how’d you do that?” I did get the response one of those elimination diets. I just told them oh well keep up the good work. I’m not in to dispensing weight loss advise unless asked. Who know’s? It might work for them. I know it didn’t work for me. I’ve been there and done that and gained it all back plus some. I’m trying to make some long-lasting changes. Weight loss is not my only goal. I’m trying to get fit and build muscle. I wish my weight loss was faster but it’s not and I will have to deal with that. For now I will keeping going on my path. If asked I will tell people how, but I’m not up to defending the slow steady process. Starvation diets and developing bad eating habits is not the path I choose.



I’m doing homework wow! Sparkpeople.com has a great series Mind Over Body. It’s a 10 part series that discusses weight loss. I recommend it for everyone. Wether you want to lose weight or help someone else lose. The link for this is http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=695. I’m writing my vision statement tonight. This is really powerful. Why do you really want to lose weight? Is losing weight really your goal? I never thought if it that way. I guess the number on the scale isn’t the important thing. I must admit my reason for wanting to lose weight is different from when I was younger. Before I wanted to look cute and fit in cute clothes. Now I still want to look nice but now I really want to avoid diabetes. I want to stay youthful and be active.  I want to avoid aches and pains that are improving now that I’m exercising on a regular basis.  I want to keep up with my child. I want to be a good role model for my patients.

The article recommends asking yourself how you want to look in 1 year,5 years etc. In 1 year I want to be able to test for my red belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I want higher kicks. I want to break boards.  I want to get rid of the chicken fat on my arms and my double chin. In 5 years I want to have  had my black belt in tae Kwon do for a few years.

The article also recommends  that your Vision Statement should tell you what else (besides your weight) needs to change within yourself and your life to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. That’s a hard one. I’m where I want to be in life. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor ,wife and mom or do I? I definitely want to be the mom and wife . The doctor thing I need to think about.

2 lbs Really!!

Did I really gain 2 lbs over night? UGH!  That scale is not going to drive me crazy but it really can affect my mood for he day. Not all is rosy in losing weight land. How did I gain 2 lbs over night? When your only losing a half pound to a pound a week  its frustrating.  Of course my friend tells me he lost 10 lbs this month. So! Why is it taking me 4 months to lose 20? I was almost there. Ok I planned for this. I will not quit or give up. I guess I gave been eating a lot of salt the past two days. I had tequila last night too. Maybe I just need more water. I’ve also gone under my calories for days. I’m not trying to. It’s just hard to get out of that mind-set. I heard this all before on fat 2 fit radio. I actually need to eat more. Listen to show #45. I keep this show permanently in my iPod.  Eating to little will keep you from losing. It could also  be I’m gaining muscle. I’ve added weights more consistently. It could be a lot of things but I probably didn’t gain two pounds of fat over night. We will see in the morning. I’ll keep you posted.


Excuse:1 a : to make apology for b : to try to remove blame from. I had to check the definition of excuse. I got so many today I thought maybe it meant something else. Like I’m happy with my weight leave me alone! It probably did today. I am over weight but I offer no excuses. I tell my patients I’m working on it. I know it’s hard but it can be done. I’m not even asking most of my patients to lose weight. Just not gain as much. I heard excuses from parents. It’s her gene’s. He has too much homework. It’s been cold outside. I don’t have time to cook. Excuses from kids. I don’t like the lunch at school. I could write a book of them. I never have time to eat breakfast. I want to say how long did it take you to put on all that make up. I made plenty of excuses in my life time. My time for excuses is over. With the kids I worry they are bigger than I ever was at their age and they will have serous complications before they are out of that phase. I’m actually doing a  continuing medical education(cme) course on childhood obesity. It focuses on what works and how to counsel families. It’s really a lesson in negotiating. I was never taught this in medical school. I was taught to tell you what to do and you listen. We will see how this new approach works. I’ll keep you posted.


I look at the needle on the scale. Did it really go up?! My other favorite is why isn’t it moving. I hear people talk about losing 10 lbs in a month. How do you do that? I have to remember I’m in it for the long run. I’m not on a fad diet. I’m not just trying to get the needle to go down. At first I planned on just eating healthy and to worry about exercise and doing weights after I lost weight. I thought of going on a fad diet because this process is just to long. I realize those are mistakes of the past. I have to do weights and exercise because I really like doing it and it makes me eat better. I don’t do all that hard work to blow it on a bag of chips. It’s not worth it. Ok I feel better now. Maybe this blog thing will help. The way I have to think about it is its frustrated over the needle on the scale or angry over the needle I will have to use with diabetes if I don’t lose weight. I’ll chose the latter anytime;)

To Weigh Or Not To Weigh

How often should you weigh yourself? This is a difficult thing to answer. I used to be afraid of the scale. It took to me years say it’s ok to weigh my self daily. In the past I could never get the hang of it. I would weigh myself and see the scale go up or not budge and I would get frustrated. I would binge or say it’s not working so I might as well give up. We can see there is a problem with that!
I’ve read  the articles. Don’t weigh your self. Measure yourself . See how your clothes are fitting. That wasn’t doing it for me. I need to see some numbers go down.
It took me time to realize It’s ok to weigh yourself daily. I weigh myself buck naked in the morning after I pee;). Why weigh yourself daily ? It just helps me figure out how accurate my numbers really are. It also just helps me stay focused. I finally figured out if the scale doesn’t budge or OMG goes up! It’s ok. I will not give up. I will just check my food log and see simple things like wow I had too much salt yesterday. Holy cow did I go over my calories that much. I even noticed around that time of the month it’s a little higher.
I don’t record every weight I record it once a week either Friday or Saturday morning depending on the one I like better. I think the day of the week is important. I used to do it on Sunday or Monday mornings. That didn’t always work well. I often get too much salt or alcohol . Weighing myself before the weekend actually helps me do better with eating on the weekend. When I see the scale go down. I don’t want to mess those numbers up.
So don’t let the scale rule you but use it as a guide to help you. I’m not afraid if the scale anymore. Bring it on!

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