a doctor tries to practice what she preaches to lose weight

How Do You Do It All?

How do you do it all? I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m a working mom and that answer escapes me. The problem is I don’t want to let that make me crazy. It will if you let it. My cousin asked me to join her Tough Mudder team this morning. It’s a 2 day 10 mile obstacle course. We have a year to train. I said yes right off the bat. She is in the same boat that I am.We are over 40 doctors on a mission to lose weight and avoid diabetes. The moment after I said yes anxiety set in. How am I going to do this?  I already do Tae Kwon Do. Fourth grade homework is killing me. I just fired the every two-week house cleaning service. When will I have the time.? I will make time . I actually need to go back to my previous schedule. I was doing good with weights and Tae Kwon Do. Working out 5-6 days a week until July hit. Then I started traveling and got sick and traveled again and hurt my foot. Shall I go on? This is the perfect excuse to get out of this rut. I still don’t know how I will do it. But I will. One day at a time.


It’s Ok To Indulge!


It’s ok to indulge once in a while. I just make sure it’s worth it. I took my husband out to lunch for his birthday it was definitely worth it. We went to Underdog Wine Bar in Livermore,CA. It’s on the grounds of Concannon Winery. They serve small plates and wine flights. My kind of place. I love being able to taste things and not eat a lot. I had crab cakes on salad greens and a Pinot Grigio flight ( Three two oz servings ). I topped it off with a port and dark chocolate tart. It’s finally cool enough to sit outside. I loved it. Such a great date. Happy Birthday Honey.

Shirataki Noodles Mmm!

I love to try new foods. When I find one with almost no calories , low carb and gluten free I get so excited. House Foods Tofu Shirataki Noodles fit the bill. First you will have to get over the smell. Do not eat them by themselves. Do in a soup or with a sauce. I did mine in a egg drop/ hot and sour soup concoction I made up for lunch. For dinner I used a peanut sauce. It worked well with both recipes. You must follow instructions. Rinse them because they smell like fish. Then put in the microwave for a minute and dry them. I read reviews where people complained of the texture but not a problem for me. Has anybody else used these? What did you think?


Exercise 3 Hours a Day! WTH?

Today was me day. I have a vacation day so a trip to the spa was in order. I banned my phone. No texting , email or Facebook. It’s was relaxing time. Nails and hair were the plan for the day. So why do I start reading magazines? Cosmo and Glamour are enough to give you anxiety. I read an article about Jessica Alba. She was talking about post baby weight. She is working back up to her usual 3 hours a day, 5 days a week workout. Really? Mom of two, star, business mogul. I was tired just reading it. How do you do that? It takes that to look like that? It would make me not want to try! I know the reality is she’s not the average person and I can’t live up to that. I can live up to my 30 min a day a least and 5 days a week.

Foot Hurts,diet sucks,

My last five days have been a little crazy! I hurt my foot in Thai Kwon Do. I got kicked in sparring. No big besides going to Vegas the next morning. I went for my dad’s 86th birthday and cousins wedding. I had packed cute shoes but I spent the weekend in my Glittery Tods.  My foot swollen and painful.  Limping around Vegas so not fun. I tried to eat healthy and planned to hit the gym at the Trump Tower Hotel. Neither worked out. Back home today. I told my husband I was going to grocery store and would use the scooter. I’m craving my Kale! He said I should go to the doctor. Ugh! I can walk on it. It can’t be broken ? Stay tuned!


I love my Tods!

Driving My Child Crazy!


I’ve been trying some Vegan recipes for breakfast lately and driving my 9 y/o nuts! Its the smell! I made a tofu scramble yesterday with onion ,garlic,nutritional yeast and soy sauce. She pulled out the Lysol! This morning it was tofu scramble latin style with garlic ,onions and cilantro. She added the fan to the Lysol. Mom what happened to oatmeal? This stuff stinks!!! Oh well I guess she can eat upstairs. I’m keeping my tofu!!!

Sprouts Vs. Trader Joe’s


I love trying new foods. I went to Sprouts Farmers Market. I like the fresh bulk foods. They had every thing from almonds to lentils.The vitamin department is great. It’s like a mini GNC. The rest of the store was nice but lacked variety. I found new products that I haven’t seen at other stores which I love. I’ll review those later when I use them. Overall I think the store was nice but not on a regular basis. As a working mom I need a store that has a variety of foods. I’m looking for convenience. I only have time to shop at one store. I do like their magazine. Trader Joe’s wins this one for me but Sprouts is nice to visit.

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