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No brown belt testing today:(

Las Vegas, Nevada, at night

Image by Michael Ransburg via Flickr

Ok I was already and psyched for  brown belt testing today.  Ok let me not lie to you.  I hurt my back on Monday and I was dreading testing today! Its better but I’m not sure it was going to stand up to testing. I was going to try anyway. That is not why I’m not testing. There was a death in my  Tae Kwon Do Instructors family. Grandpa  Keki passed away. Testing has been postponed until next week. I will be on vacation in lovely Las Vegas next week so I will not be able to test until next month.  My condolences to the Aranda/Reed family. I do understand the loss of a parent and grandparent all to well. Now its time to pack for Vegas. I know a trip to SIN City sounds fun but I’m going to see my 85 y/o dad. Don’t get me wrong I will have some adult fun squeezed in. I will also have a 9 y/o hangout with me. I will be blogging from Vegas tomorrow. What fun! Can I stay healthy in Vegas? We will see.

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