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BBQ !!!

Backyard pool party at my house today! Will I eat healthy probably not! Oh well! I will have fun and be back on track tomorrow;)



Chillin and Grillin:)



I work this weekend and the next 5 days. Yep 7 days in a row. That will not stop my workout or meal plan. It’s a beautiful day outside so I decided to cook meals for the week on the grill. I only plan to do major cooking once this week. I love my grill. Its big and has gas. I’m grilling not barbecuing all you charcoal fanatics. You can do so much on the grill. I have a pizza, sweet potatoes, chicken and pork tenderloin on the grill now. I will do veggies when I have some room. Having a huge Samsung fridge makes it easy to cook for the week. I can store anything. Now time for me to chill in my backyard with my Kombucha and the grill. How do you get your grill on?

Summertime is bad for weightloss

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Its Memorial Day  which means summer has begun. Most people pack on the pounds in the winter. I tend to pack them on in the summer. In the summer you get to exercise more. For me I get to party more. It seems every weekend is a party or a barbecue. If not barbecue it’s vacation. It’s hard to keep up with exercise and a challenge to eat healthy. Chips, dips, alcohol. I know there are lots of healthy choices but it’s hard! I bring my snack but a some point the mindless snacking that comes with social events kicks in! I’m not hungry. My husband says I’m bored. I don’t have an attention span for idle chatter. He plays dominoes at these events. The women sit around talk and eat. I will have to figure out my place because I spend too much time at these events not too.  I will have to plan better for the day. make sure I get my exercise in for the day, I have also started to avoid hard alcohol. It just takes to long to recover. My strategy for today is to bring my wine. Bring a healthy dish like the veggie tray and chew gum;) maybe I’ll blog, but I get accused of being anti social. That’s because I am!!!

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