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Not going to binge!

The reason I keep this blog is to keep myself in check. I’m finally off after working 8 days. It’s Friday and I usually would be heading for Wingstop or Pizza! Not today. I’m not going to let fatigue and frustration make me eat bad. I’m settling for a glass of Kombucha (my new drink) and salad with fresh mozzarella , sundried tomatoes , chicken and olives ūüėČ so much easier on my tummy. I love to document how my lifestyle is changing !

Feel Like Binging


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Today would have been a normal binge day. Its friday. Work was busy and frustrating. ¬†Everybody needed something extra. When I stress I want to binge. This would be a day I would have gone out to eat or ordered take out. It would have stated with ¬†large glass of wine and ended with dessert. I usually start planning on my way home. I can still have wine but a small glass. Not my 12 ounce goblet. I can still have snack or dessert but something that fits in my calorie range. ¬†Once I get home ,I still have charts to finish which I can do from home. Oh joy! I finally finish. Now I ¬†can relax and decide I no longer want to binge. I let my family pick dinner. Yeah, they want Taco Bell which I find disgusting. ¬†Good they can feed themselves and ¬†I will eat at home. I still have a craving for snack time . So I ¬†make my new favorite snack. Hot popcorn. Did you know you can pop popcorn in the microwave with a paper bag. I add a tsp hot sesame oil to popcorn kernels and shake. I put in brown paper lunch bag for about 2 minutes. Its great, hot & spicy. Now if my husband didn’t drink the last of the red wine I’ll be happy. Tonight bingeing was easy to control. I know it won’t always be that way but I plan to take ¬†it one day at a time.

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