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Vitamin D low?

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Can I tell y ou how much I love my healthcare system. My labs are rolling in. I get an email to tell me when they are ready. I just look them up online. Even on the weekend! My TSH and vitamin D are back. TSH is normal and my vitamin D is low. I love milk. I live in California and get plenty of sun. Why would my vitamin D be low? Well, my BMI is high and I’m African-American. I am fair skin so I didn’t think absorbing it from the sun would be problem. Apparently vitamin D likes to hang in my fat cells. When is does my body can’t use it.

It is believed low levels of vitamin D cause mood swings. MMM I should have known about this years ago. Having a normal vitamin D level can prevent cancer and osteoporosis. My doctor will email me with instructions for treatment. I actually get the results before she gets them since it’s the weekend. I can take a daily supplement of 2000 to 5000 units or take a once a week 5000 iu dose. I think I’ll just add it to my daily pill pack or I will forget. I have been feeling kind of moody lately but I thought it was just my so called life. I will keep you posted. Happy 4th July! I’m getting some sun today;)

Yeah! Glucose down!!

Yeah my labs are back.  I not a big fan of lab test. I get the frequent request for diabetes testing in overweight children. It is recommended to test children over the age of 10 with a BMI >95%. I don’t mind testing the problem comes when no change is made and people are want to test at frequent intervals. If labs are normal we test every 2 years. This is for children. I confess I do not know what the recommendations for testing in adults. Parents often ask ” can we test again? I want to make sure they don’t get diabetes?”  We can test again but is that going to prevent diabetes or is it just going to reassure you that your family doesn’t need to make a change as long as your labs are normal? I haven’t tested my blood in a few years. I know what the symptoms for diabetes are and that I didn’t have them. I decided I wouldn’t test again until I made a change. This is not what I recommend for you to do. Do what your doctor tell’s you to do. Since January I have made a life style  change. My glucose is down to 97. It was at 103 which in the prediabetic phase. My cholesterol is now 197 and it was 215. I see that my test results reflect my weight. In 06 I weighed 30 lbs less than I do now. After my mom died in o6 I gained weight and now I’m on my way back. I plan to never ever go above those normal levels again. My doctor advised me to get Vitamin D checked . That is result isn’t back yet. I haven’t had that done before but vit d can hang out in our fat cells and not be useful. I see that diet and exercise really can work! Yeah me!

Name Standard range 6/30/2006 11/10/2007 6/30/2011
Glucose, fasting 60-99 mg/dL 93 103 97

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