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Breakfast in Bed


Ah its Sunday. Time for restoration. Time for my mind and body rest and restore. I love breakfast in bed. I have to make it but its good . Today I decided to remake a local favorite . In San Francisco Joe’s scrabble is ground beef,spinach tomatoes,and onions scrambled with eggs. It is usually served with sour dough bread. I made mine with gimme lean veggie sausage and egg whites. I served mine with Trader Joe’s whole flour tortilla with oats. MMM I think is was better than the original. Much less grease. Grease upsets my stomach. Now for my coffee and the paper. Ah I love Sunday morning’s in bed.

Turkey Breakfast Sausage


I decided to make my own breakfast sausage. I bought a few and they had too much sodium or were bland. I’m finding making my own food taste better and is easy. This recipe has 97% fat free turkey,garlic, sage,cayenne pepper ,fennel and ginger. I added egg whites so they aren’t so dry. You can pan fry but I baked in oven for about 15 min. Taste great. I will have to add sundries tomatoes next time. This recipe has legs! Add whatever you want. Jalapeños , mango, spinach. The combinations are endless!

Breakfast is Awesome! What do you eat?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets me going. It keeps me on track. I’ve always ate breakfast just not a healthy breakfast. I’ve never been one to skip meals. I tell my teenage patients. You need protein and carbs. Not just a donut. I do a whole grain, protein, veggie and or fruit for each main meal of the day. I mix egg white powder in my oatmeal and add honey. See myfitness pal log below. I forgot to add my blueberries. What do you eat? Tell me. Send pictures!!!




I’m a new convert to oatmeal. It was  always too sweet or bland. I like meat and eggs for breakfast but decided to try it again. I tried several quick cooking brands but too  they were too sweet or  had that artificial sweeter taste. I don’t do artificial sweeteners. I tried McCann’s quick cooking and it’s great. It’s just oats and nothing else. It takes 2 minutes in the microwave. I wanted to add more protein so I decided to add Just Whites egg white power. I add 4 tsp to half cup oatmeal , then add 1 cup milk and 1 tsp honey. I microwave for two minutes and it’s piping hot and good. The eggs just make your oatmeal fluffy. I also add cinnamon or espresso powder maybe some raisins or figs. Be creative. This is my new favorite. Protein, whole grains what else could you ask for?  Like Mr Food says try it you’ll like it.

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