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Excuse:1 a : to make apology for b : to try to remove blame from. I had to check the definition of excuse. I got so many today I thought maybe it meant something else. Like I’m happy with my weight leave me alone! It probably did today. I am over weight but I offer no excuses. I tell my patients I’m working on it. I know it’s hard but it can be done. I’m not even asking most of my patients to lose weight. Just not gain as much. I heard excuses from parents. It’s her gene’s. He has too much homework. It’s been cold outside. I don’t have time to cook. Excuses from kids. I don’t like the lunch at school. I could write a book of them. I never have time to eat breakfast. I want to say how long did it take you to put on all that make up. I made plenty of excuses in my life time. My time for excuses is over. With the kids I worry they are¬†bigger than I ever was at their age and they will have serous complications before they are out of that phase. I’m actually doing a ¬†continuing medical education(cme) course on childhood obesity. It focuses on what works and how to counsel families. It’s really a lesson in negotiating. I was never taught this in medical school. I was taught to tell you what to do and you listen. We will see how this new approach works. I’ll keep you posted.

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