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I Love Kitchen Gadgets!

I love gadgets. especially kitchen gadgets. I needed a new food processor. I had a mini one and it was too small. I looked at all the sale stuff and actually found one at the outlet mall by accident. I didn’t even know we had a Black and Decker outlet or that they made food processors. I found a combination blender and food processor. It was only $60. Okay it sounds to good to be true. I can hear my mom saying you get what you pay for. I will see. So far I only made my Amazing Meal Smoothie in the blender.  It’s usually almond milk, amazing meal,almond butter and banana. It turned out great. I plan on making hummus , baba ganoush and date nut balls with my food processor. I’m looking for more recipes if anybody is has any good ones.


Banana, amazing meal, almond butter


Amazing Meal Smoothie

Kale My New Crave!


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I’ve been a spinach and okra girl lately but I have to change it up so I won’t get bored. I bought Kale and I’m loving it! I never really ate it growing up. I’m used to turnip and mustard greens. I put in my omelet for breakfast, I ate for lunch with brown rice and chicken apple sausage. Dinner kale sauteed in a tsp coconut oil with garlic and cayenne pepper,grilled chicken breast and sweet potato. I’ve also seen some great recipes for green smoothies and Kale chips. I tried store bought kale chips and they were gross. Fresh is the best. I like that Kale  has a peppery taste. It goes good with garlic and of course my favorite red pepper. Whats your favorite kale recipe?

Coconut Oil: Ok I’m trying it!

I wrote about my coconut oil confusion a few days ago. I have since joined Twitter and been bombarded with post on coconut oil. Enough already I’m trying it.  I reviewed several articles and learned I need to use virgin unrefined coconut oil.   That means my daughter’s popcorn oil doesn’t count. I will have to try our homemade popcorn with my new oil. I’ve  learned of nonfood uses. Use it for your hair and Skin. I tried it with my eggs and it didn’t taste like coconut. Yeah! I was a little worried about that. I picked Kelapo brand. No particular reason. I  was at Whole Foods and looked at price for what I wanted. I’m still curious because Fooducate only gives coconut oil a and recommends Olive oil and Canola oil. I will keep you posted on my experience. I look forward to trying new recipes! I saw some good ones on Kelapo’s blog  http://coconutoilcooking.com/.

Do You!

I thought peer pressure swas dead by the time you reached 40.  I have had pressure from both sides over the past week. I have been encouraged to eat and drink more and less this week. I have decided no hard alcohol for the summer.  Vodka  and  Tequila are not my friends anymore. I don’t like the way I feel the next day. I don’t have time for a hangover and getting it is not as fun as it used to be. My passion  is martial arts and cooking.  Right now I prefer a good night sleep over staying up late drinking. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good glass of wine and good food. I do. Just in moderation. On the other hand I had a discussion in whole foods with a raw food person. I can do some raw food but don’t make me feel like I’m going to hell if I don’t go whole hog or should that be leaf.

My point of this post is DO YOU! What ever it is. My husband is watching over my shoulder . He is amazed at the blogging thing. He calls me a techogeek and he is a dinosaur. He just got a i phone and won’t put music on it yet.  He burns cd’s? We are as different as we can be on lots of things but we appreciate the differences.  He loves that I do me! So when your making changes don’t cave in to peer pressure. One of my new Twitter friends posted craigballantyne (@craigballantyne)
7/7/11 3:52 AM
The life we lead is because of the choices we make. If we want our lives to change, we have to take responsibility for the world we create.
I say DO YOU!

Coconut Oil? I’m Confused!

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Giveaway

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Ok is it Olive Oil, Coconut oil, butter ? I’m confused. I know we need healthy fats but I am clueless on which is best for what. I generally use Olive Oil in a spray can. I spritz veggies or use in a pan for nonstick. I love to use on salads. When would I use coconut oil? I don’t fry foods. Is it healthy or just the latest fad? I read conflicting views. Use in everything or its loaded in saturated fats and don’t use. I have noticed it in my daughters popcorn oil. We make homemade popcorn it’s so good but will it go with eggs or in a salad? I’m part of the low-fat for weight loss generation so I finally get how fats are healthy . I love avocado and nut butters but this coconut oil thing is puzzling me. I hear you should use organic unrefined coconut oil. This is one of those post that has more questions than answers. Help?

Kids Cooking

Ok I’m still on my kids & veggie thing. One way you can get kids to eat veggies is to let them cook them. My daughter loves veggies. She’s learning to cook them. Our favorite way to cook spinach is to sauté fresh spinach in a little low sodium chicken broth. We just add a salt & pepper. I now enlist my daughter to make it. If I’m making just for me. I add sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and scallions. I didn’t eat spinach as a kid but now it’s my go to veggie. You can eat it raw or cooked. I add it to sandwiches, eggs now smoothies. How do you like to your spinach ?


Crave healthy foods for weightloss!

I crave new foods! This is exciting to me. I used to crave salt and vinegar chips, brownies, and jalapeño cheese dip. I never considered my self a big junk food eater but now that I look at it I could do pretty bad when I wanted to. I went to the grocery store today and I didn’t even go to the chip aisle. I went to the healthy food section. I wanted to get more flax seeds to add to my almond butter. Muscle Chow Cookbook has a good recipe for doctoring up natural butters such as almond and cashew to make them even better. Almond butter with flax-seed is the new crunchy for me . I eat it with bananas. It’s m y new night-time snack instead of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I now want avacado instead of mayo on my sandwich. At work we have Quiznos or pizza for lunch during meetings. I can turn it down with confidence. I had a sandwich with whole wheat naan, spinach, ground turkey (seasoned with mexican spices) and sun-dried tomatoes. Yum! I feel like the lean cuisine commercial only better because I made it my self. When the girls are drinking 24 oz Jamba Juice for afternoon snack I pull out my Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion and mix with almond milk. I still crave food. It’s just different. Do you have new cravings?

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