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House Music Workout!

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Did I tell you I’m an 80’s child. I grew up on Chicago House Music. House music is an electronic disco style  music that is heavy on the base. It has a soul funk kind of vibe. It was popular in the 80’s in Chicago. I was in high school and college during the 80’s. It’s a great form of exercise. When we were teenagers the girls would take an extra tank top and put it in our back pockets to change into. We worked up quit a sweat and were not into wet t-shirts yet:) When I think back to the 80’s I was looking good. I thought I was big at the time but I now think I was different from my mom and friends. They were all 3&4’s I was 6-8. I now know that was just me. I was never meant to be a petite girl. I’m surprised I was so little.I had a horrible diet. I ate Wendy’s every day after school and then went home for dinner. I also burned  so many calories back then. I walked everywhere. I rode my bike along Lake Michigan for hours.  I danced for activity. Jazz dance was popular and if you didn’t smile you would do a dance over 25 times. Back then I would put on my house music extended play LP (no play list back then) and dance around my room. I now listen to my playlist to bring me back to that time. I was young and free. I just didn’t know it. Now the music motivates me to sweat once again. What’s your favorite songs to make you sweat?


Dragged out for dancing

Ok I’m out drinking! Really trying to blow the diet. I planned to stay home watch a movie , eat sushi and enjoy a glass of wine. My husband had other plans. Our friend is having a party at a local nightclub. He found a babysitter and here we are. Mind you I like going out every now and then. We had date night last week. Night clubbing can hit the calories. A tequila shot and the late night food add up. I’ll try to limit it to 2 drinks and when my husband wants to stop at nation burger. Ok I’ve Been told to put down the phone and have fun! Oh by the way I do have on my old jeans. Yeah!!!!

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