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I’m Back

Ok that was a long break. I’m not sure I’m back to blogging on a regular basis. We will see. What I neglected to say in my last post is my 86 y/o father committed suicide . I can do a whole blog on that! I’m still in my I don’t want to talk about it phase! We were very close so it’s has been painful and peaceful all at the same time. Peaceful because I believe he is not in pain anymore.
Now back to my weight loss. I’ve had a plateau for a while but now I can say I have lost more weight. I’m down 35 lbs since I started this journey. It’s not because I’m not eating. Usually I gain when stressed. I gained 50 lbs after my mom died. Still doing tai kwon do. Testing for brown advance next week. Yeah me! This has been a great stress reliever for me. Still dairy free. I had a latte last week that I thought was soy and it wasn’t. Oh wow! I blew my family out the bedroom with the gas from that.
I cut down on gluten but can’t say I’m gluten free. I avoid gluten free products for the most part just adding more beans, nuts and seeds to diet. I can feel the difference. I ate a biscuit the other day and I was hungry all day. Well that’s my update. Please no comments on my fathers death, grief etc. I seriously don’t want to talk about it;)

Blogging Break

Ok I hit the wrong button. I’m taking a blogging break. My dad died;( I could write about stress eating and restaurant food. I’ve done all to much of that in the last 2 weeks but I won’t. I just want to get back to my routine. Now I’m in the people making me eat phase. I will not gain the weight back like I did after my mom died. My dad was 86 and I’m blessed to have him as long as I did. Rest in peace dad. I love you always .

Joy and Pain; What a day!!!

It has been a day! Life and death, health and sickness intertwined in my life today and I’m not even working! The day started with me talking to one of my best friends who has changed the families eating habits because her husband has high blood pressure with complications at 41. Both of us agreeing he is too young to have these issues. She has taken to writing down what he should eat , eliminated the junk food for every one. This is difficult but she is doing the right thing. The next conversation is with an elderly aunt who has smoked all my life, she’s puzzled why she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She’s the skinny one she says “why did I get it?” I explain high blood pressure runs in our family. Her mother , father and grandmother had it. I’m sure at 70 years old this isn’t the first time she’s heard this. She is planing on quitting tomorrow. I hope and pray this will happen. Next (I told you it was a day) another friend has been told she should get tested for the breast cancer gene  because of family history. If positive, get a prophylactic mastectomy. She is passing on this now. I must admit I think I would pass.  Last but not least a college classmate has died suddenly of a heart attack. We were not close but it is sad and shocking when a someone your age dies. This is all too much for me to thing about in one day, but I just have to focus on me doing the right thing to stay healthy.  Finally Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!! In a day that has been painful that news is JOY!!

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