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Is Fish Oil Healthy or Hype?

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We think fish oils are healthy then someone does a study and it’s not? What do you believe? I take fish oil supplements daily. I’ve read from many sources it reduces inflammation. Dr. Greger at NutritionFacts.org say’s we are just filling our bodies with PCB’s and other contaminants. It gets stored in our body fat. ¬†Even the distilled ones are bad. He says get your DHA from algae. Well all the other people say there fish oil is great. Everyone has a study to back their idea. I do get DHA from my amazing grass. Also from chia seeds and flax. That does sound a little safer. I will still take my daily krill oil but won’t double up on it. What do you think? Which source is safer fish or algae?


This word just doesn’t sound right to me. It sounds ,I don’t know nasty? It sounds like a dirty word! Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it is as follows: A food stuff (as a fortified food or a dietary supplement)that provides health benefits. Doesn’t all food provide health benefits. I guess not! As I read he definition again I see food stuff. Oh now I see ,not regular food but special food. Well whats wrong with regular food? That’s my point. Do we really need these neutraceuticals? I guess they are convenient and everyone is looking for a quick fix. I usually do. I certainly have in the past. This time I’m trying to do it the clean living way. I’m not saying these thing are bad. They actually aren’t regulated (but that’s another post). I just don’t need them. I’m keeping this journey clean,simple,cheep and sustainable. I don’t think spinach is ever going out of style. I realize weight loss is a business and business needs new products to make money. I just don’t plan on spending my money on them any more. My new philosophy is to eat healthier wholesome food,exercise in moderation, be less stressed and sleep good. I don’t need a magic Jeanie in a bottle to carry out those goals!



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