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Diet Confusion Part Duex

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Ok here we go again. I know longer wonder why I a Doctor ( who’s supposed to know everything about health LOL) is confused about weight loss. I see other doctors are too. The latest this week is Bill Clinton and his new vegan life style. No meat, dairy,eggs or oils. I’m not blasting being vegan just this diet. Pasta and sugar are ok but not olive oil, avocado‘s and nuts. This I don’t understand.  I fully agree we need a plant-based diet. That would include health fats like avocado’s and nuts. How  healthy plant-based includes sugar and refined carbs is beyond me.  This totally opposite the Dr Mercola diet. Basically no carbs or fructose as he likes to say. He even eliminates most fruit. I think both diets are extreme. I do agree something needs to change in this word. The SAD (standard american diet) is going to send us to an early grave for sure. How to change is still the question. As I try to figure this out for myself  I’ll keep you posted. I have eliminated dairy for GI issues. I will continue my eggs and healthy fats and increase my veggies and whole grains. By the way I’m feeling better from my E. Coli infection. I  went to health department yesterday. They did a questionnaire and was surprised I only ate out 3 times in 10 days. One was by accident because I left my lunch at home. I actually only had beef once that week that I can remember and my other family members ate that and aren’t sick. Cross contamination is the most likely possibility. Good thing I’m off next week on a staycation. I have to be cleared by health department before I can return to work.

Why Is It So Hard To Stay Home Sick!

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Ok this us my 4th day home sick. I am improving daily and will probably return on Friday. My husband says I should just stay home the rest of the week. I have adequate sick leave, my job is not bothering me. Why do I have such a hard time staying home?  I guess it’s ingrained  in me from childhood and then reinforced as a doctor. My dad hardly ever missed a day of work. As a doctor we’re taught in training not to take days off. Being an intern is like pledging or boot camp for a year our taught not to miss work. Even if sick. You have to be sicker than your patients to stay home. I was having a really hard time with missing so many days this week until now. My doctor just called and said I have E.Coli. I don’t feel bad about staying home now.  Mainly because this is a serious illness in kids and I don’t want to give to kids.  I admit I will log in to tie up some loose ends I feel it’s easier for me to handle. I haven’t done this all week because I was anticipating going back Friday. I have next week off already which is a blessing. It will give me time to get back to normal. It’s so hard to make me sit still but this has really knocked me down. I’ve seriously been a cough potato not even on my laptop till last night. I wrote earlier post on my phone because I could do it lying down. I feeling better every day so don’t worry;)

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