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Will I Fail in Fall!

Fall is my time of year. I live in a warm part of California and I get so excited at the first sign of fall. I’m so tired of being hot!!! All I want to do in summer is stay in air condition. I find it easier to exercise when it’s cooler. I do better with exercise and eating this time of year. Not as many parties. Not as many excuses to avoid exercise. I’ve been on a weight loss plateau but I think I can break it now. I planned on starting running once it got cool but I hurt my foot. I will give it a few weeks. I can do my martial arts but it hurts to run. I am challenging myself to lose 10lbs and be able to run a 3k by the new year. Can I do it? I don’t want to fail in fall!!!

Exercise 3 Hours a Day! WTH?

Today was me day. I have a vacation day so a trip to the spa was in order. I banned my phone. No texting , email or Facebook. It’s was relaxing time. Nails and hair were the plan for the day. So why do I start reading magazines? Cosmo and Glamour are enough to give you anxiety. I read an article about Jessica Alba. She was talking about post baby weight. She is working back up to her usual 3 hours a day, 5 days a week workout. Really? Mom of two, star, business mogul. I was tired just reading it. How do you do that? It takes that to look like that? It would make me not want to try! I know the reality is she’s not the average person and I can’t live up to that. I can live up to my 30 min a day a least and 5 days a week.

First Day Of School – A New Beginning

It’s a new beginning for me. My daughter starts school today. We are one of the few schools that start after Labor Day. It signals the end of the summer and for me a chance to get back on track. Summer was hard for me to lose weight.  I did end up losing 8 lbs .  So I’m not complaining. I know what my problems were. I go to too many backyard parties that involve , chips dip and drinking.  I traveled a lot also. You would think I exercised more in the summer but not where I live. I live in the desert. It’s too hot in the summer to exercise as much as I would like to.  Its 90 today and the news is talking about the record cool summer. I don’t even want to go outside, let alone exercise. Now with cooler temperatures I want to start my running program. I’m more focused with my schedule and can’t travel as much with my child in school. We will see if the weight loss increases. If not its ok. As long as I’m losing I’m winning.


One thing I love about my job is our employee wellness program.  LIVE WELL BE WELL is our motto.We are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise. They schedule events throughout the year to encourage these activities. We have health fairs, walking at lunch groups,cooking and  art classes. We had a fitness test today. They do this about once or twice a year.  Its kind of cool. They check your weight, blood pressure and fitness. You even get a lovely water bottle for attending. I really wanted to go this year. I was the first one there:). I’ve worked hard at improving everything. I’m so excited to say that I did  improve in almost all the test. My Body Fat is down from 43% to 35%.  My Blood Pressure was  130/80  and is down to 118/70. My post exercise heart rate is down to 82 from 116. I need to work on my flexibility but oh well can’t fix it all at once.  Does your job support your health and fitness? Mine does:)

5 Things I Love About Tae Kwon Do


I live Tae Kwon Do! I started last year on a fluke. I went to sign up my daughter. 5 things I love about Tae Kwon Do.
Moon Yip- I don’t know how to spell it but we say it in the beginning and end of class. Bow your head clear your mind. It feels so good to focus only on thing for 1 hour
No age gap- I can and am expected to do as well as the teenage boy
Kiap- it’s what you yell when you kick or punch. Great stress reliever
work out- we run ,jump, kick, squats push ups. No class is ever the same
Teaching- it’s in my nature as a doctor to teach. I love working with the lower belts.
What your favorite exercise and why?

Vegas Vacation Workout!

You can workout on Vacation without going to the icky gym. If you have a kid it’s even better. My daughter wants to spend the day in the pool. I decided to take advantage of that. I could have laid by the pool & ate and drank. That would be lots of calories and not fun. Don’t get me wrong I did eventually have a drink and shrimp avocado ceviche but that was after 2 hours in the pool. We played volleyball ,basketball and I used a noodle thing for resistance training. We raced and dunked each other under water. I was exhausted when I got out. I finally convinced her to play with the other kids in the pool. She stayed in another two hours. I have a pool at home. I have to remember that on really hot days it’s a great way to exercise. I don’t use my pool nearly as much as I should. Do you have any favorite pool exercises?


Exercise is my new drug!

I love to exercise. Many people think I just started this latest weight loss battle in January. Not! I actually started last year. I last lost weight for my 20 year college reunion. I lost about 25 lbs. My goal was 40. After the reunion I gained weight. I’m glad to say not all of it but enough of it. I slacked off exercise & eating habits. I signed up for tae kwon do by accident. I went to sign up my daughter and was talked in to a 10 week special. Next thing I know I’ve signed a two-year contract. I did change some eating habits but I wanted to see if I could lose weight without counting calories. You can, I just wasn’t paying that much attention or planning. I did maintain my weight which was great. I had now made exercise a habit. Now if I don’t exercise I feel restless. I need to get those endorphins! I don’t exercise daily but usually 5-6 days a week. I started gradually and then it just became habit. My regimen now includes tae kwon do 2-3 times a week , weights plus cardio 2 days a week and just cardio one day. Cardio is mainly my spinning bike. I have bad knees and put enough stress on them doing my jump kicks. I will eventually have to jog for my black belt but I want to lose more weight and put less stress on my knees. I do Podrunner intervals couch to 5k on my bike. I do kettle bells usually with Jillian Michals Shred -It with Weights or use them with my Nike Training Club app. Both incorporate a little cardio with weights. If I do anything on the 7th day its yoga or tai chi. Well time to get those endorphins;)

Planning is the key to weight loss

Ok I’ve been planning my meals or a while. I plan what I will eat for lunch and make it the night before. I have good healthy food available so I can cook a quick and easy meal. Was this really planning? Yes compared to how I used to eat. Grab whatever was local. Hawaiian barbecue is a favorite. I then moved to frozen food. I’d grab a carefully picked frozen meal out the fridge on my way out the door in the morning. That has now changed to making my lunch. I can see I have evolved. That is what is important for life long changes. I can’t ever see running to Hawaiian Barbeque with 10 minutes to spare for lunch. I see how important it is to make baby steps for me. I now need to move to better planning. I have ended up with too many calories at night. I never thought of planning the day. It would be easy to plan if I exercised in the morning but I don’t. That might change eventually but now it’s not working for me. I now plan what I eat the day the night before. Of course I can’t do this every day and things will change but it has helped me stay on track with eating enough calories. I don’t think I could have done this earlier in this journey . I now really want to exercise. Before it was I will probably do this today .I didn’t want to count the calories early . This is tricky.! Now I really need to exercise.  No big I really want to.

Anybody having a hard time eating enough?

It’s hard to eat enough when your eating right. Weight loss can drive you crazy! Don’t eat to much, don’t eat to little. When you eat healthy it’s hard to eat enough. I exercise in evening. So by the time I add exercise calories I have to much to eat in evening. I need to eat more in the day. I’m scared to eat more in case I don’t exercise. I think this has been a problem for me with every diet. I never eat enough. It’s something I need to figure out because this has stopped me in my tracks many times. Now that’s it’s almost summer its easier and better to move some of my workouts to morning. It’s to hot in evening. In winter it’s to cold and I hate to get up in the dark. If you eat below your bmr the scale doesn’t budge. I’m finally realize this. You would think as a doctor I would know this and I do. I knew 1200 calories was too low for most people but I figured 1600 was fine for me. I even used a bmr calculator. I just underestimated my activity. You hear you should eat more but don’t believe it. I listen to Jeff & Russ on fat2fitradio.com. Most of there emails discussed people eating to low. I even emailed them when the scale went up. It went down but then I got busy and started eating to low. It didn’t budge. Now I know it works!

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