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My Electronic Leash

Is my iPhone keeping from losing weight? Do I spend to much time on my phone? This question was bought up by my husband. I was looking for my phone yesterday. He said what would you do if I took the phone & the laptops out of the house. I thought about it and said I would probably last half an hour but then I would have to leave the house. I’m not a tv person. I’m actually not a phone person but I use my iPod for so many things. I keep in contact with friends via Facebook and texting. If I’m exercising I use my iPod for music or my Nike app. If I’m cleaning the house I listen to a audiobook or podcast. The same for cooking or chilling in the bath tub. I read books on my phone. The last thing I actually use it for is talking. I do think I spend too much time with my electronics. I try to be mindful and make sure I get my activity in. I try not to sit for to long surfing the net. These are my challenges that I will continue to work on. I guess I need to spend more time with my husband. I have a question. What would he do if I took all the TV’s out of the house?

fitbloggin ! Wow

This is all new to me! I never thought of really doing a blog until my friend stared his. I still didn’t do it until Jeff on Fat2fitradio.com assigned it as homework. I’ve found lots of info and other bloggers like me in the past month. I had know idea it was such a big thing that they even have a conference. I saw on a DailyBurn facebook post Fitbloggin’11. It’s in Baltimore this weekend. If I only knew earlier it would have ben fun to go too. Some people even do this and quit there day jobs. I’m not doing this for  that reason but one day who knows. Well I missed the conference but I’m going to check out some intresting blogs. I’ll have to check out yumyucky.com and fatgirlscanrun.com. I like the personal blogs better than the big community forums. Fitbloggin’12 I’m there! Wait! I’m missing Blogher food too!  It’s in Atlanta this weekend. Omg, I’ve been under a rock or just a really busy working mom:)

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