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Is Fish Oil Healthy or Hype?

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We think fish oils are healthy then someone does a study and it’s not? What do you believe? I take fish oil supplements daily. I’ve read from many sources it reduces inflammation. Dr. Greger at NutritionFacts.org say’s we are just filling our bodies with PCB’s and other contaminants. It gets stored in our body fat.  Even the distilled ones are bad. He says get your DHA from algae. Well all the other people say there fish oil is great. Everyone has a study to back their idea. I do get DHA from my amazing grass. Also from chia seeds and flax. That does sound a little safer. I will still take my daily krill oil but won’t double up on it. What do you think? Which source is safer fish or algae?

Supplements, what do we need ?


What supplements do you use? I believe in only taking what I need. I take four things. I have elevated cholesterol. I’ve read that Cinnamon can help lower your cholesterol and keep blood sugar stable.  I’m at risk for type II diabetes because of family history and my weight.I use Cinsulin.  Its easier than adding to my diet. I still need to watch diet but this can help. I have the beginning of arthritis in my knee’s . My sports med doc recommended glucosamine/chondroitin . I did some research online and decided on Cosamin DS Mainly because I will not take something more than twice a day. This has really helped with my knee’s. Omega 3‘s are important for lots of things.  Reduce heart disease and inflammation are the reasons I’ve decided to take Omega 3’s.I’m using Megared for this. I added magnesium because I have trouble with constipation. It’s weird I only have trouble when I work. It’s probably stress and IBS. This helps. I just take 500mg-750mg a night. As long as I stay hydrated it works every morning like a charm. I don’t take most weekends. Magnesium is supposed to help with other conditions such as migraines, pms and asthma. I always recommend talking to your doctor about supplements.They can interfere with prescription medications.  You would think I’m a doctor so I know what to take. I see children and supplements are not routinely recommended in children and of course doctors don’t agree on everything:)What do you take?

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