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43.5 is not the number of pounds I’ve lost or need to lose. Its my age. As of today I’m 43.5 years old. Some times it’s hard to realize I’m that old. Then I think that isn’t old and 44 sounds old. I have decided age is just a number. I don’t act 43.5 or feel 43.5. People alway guess I’m in my 30’s. I will say losing weight this time around seems so much harder. This is why this is it! I’m going to lose it and keep it off. This time it’s not to look cute. I like to think I already am;) This time it’s for my health! Fat to fit in 40’s !!! Are there any other fabulous and fit women in their 40’s blogging? Anybody else in the 40’s who want to get fit and not just sit and complain about it? Let me know!

43.5 and trying to be fit!

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