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One thing I love about my job is our employee wellness program.  LIVE WELL BE WELL is our motto.We are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise. They schedule events throughout the year to encourage these activities. We have health fairs, walking at lunch groups,cooking and  art classes. We had a fitness test today. They do this about once or twice a year.  Its kind of cool. They check your weight, blood pressure and fitness. You even get a lovely water bottle for attending. I really wanted to go this year. I was the first one there:). I’ve worked hard at improving everything. I’m so excited to say that I did  improve in almost all the test. My Body Fat is down from 43% to 35%.  My Blood Pressure was  130/80  and is down to 118/70. My post exercise heart rate is down to 82 from 116. I need to work on my flexibility but oh well can’t fix it all at once.  Does your job support your health and fitness? Mine does:)

Tae Kwon Do at 40 something! Crazy but fun:)

my daughter and I testing sparring gear

I started Tae Kwon Do  at 41. I can’t believe I’m about to test for my brown belt. I’m not the most athletic person but I love to fight. It’s a great stress reliever to go punch and kick after a hard day at work. My daughter and I do it together. We are in different classes because of age group but we test together. It’s getting harder as the belts increase. I now do jump kicks and have to remember 5 forms. Palgwe 5 is currently kicking my butt as is back leg side jump kick. I need to increase my cardio endurance .Yesterday I had to do one on one sparring. I usually spar for 2-3 minutes in a group but one on one with people judging the match was hard. Did I mention I was sparring teenage boys and adult men. I am often the only girl in class 😦 but I don’t let it stop me.This is my new  motivation to lose weight. A simple event or dress just doesn’t work for me but a life long sport or activity does work. I also thinks its fun because a lot of my patients are in the same TKD school. It’s cool to see your doctor out there running and jumping. I love to cheer my patients on during testing. Some days I feel like the tin man when class

I"m getting close to black!

starts. My knees kill me but during sparring I’m like what knee. Being fit at 40 makes me feel young. What motivates you to exercise? Testing is Friday. I’ll keep you posted. Now to practice. Palgwe 5 has 35 movements!

Slow weight loss

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Ok the scale isn’t budging again. It did this a few weeks ago then I upped my calories. I lost 3 lbs and now not budging again. I will admit I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my calories. I don’t eat enough or I have a lot left over in the evening. I’ve been told eating in the evening shouldn’t matter but I don’t know. One day I had 50% of my calories left after my afternoon snack. I need to plan my day better. I’ve also decided to see how not focusing on the scale works for me. I took my measurements and pictures. I will compare them with new ones in 2 weeks. I exercise and do weights. I know this can make the scale take a little longer to go down. Initially I was not going to exercise outside of my tai kwon do but I need to get stronger for my tkd. I’m doing Jump kicks this requires more strength. Exercise also keeps me motivated. I can see the changes the weights are making. This blogging thing helps. Writing all this down makes me see the scale isn’t my main goal. I usually would have quit about now. I did this two years ago and quite. It helps to have a goal besides my weight. My black belt is my other goal. I’ll keep you posted on my measurements.

Fitness equipment

You don’t need much to get your fitness on. I have a home gym. We took a spare room and made it the gym. We’ve had it for years and use it off and on. My family is now on a fitness phase and we are using our room quite often. I don’t need much equipment but my husband is a big guy so we have a weight machine. I love my exercise bike. We got it from Costco a few years ago. It’s a spinning bike. We even have cycling shoes that clip in the peddles. I use kettle bells and medicine ball for resistance training. We put rubber mats on the floor. This makes it cool to do cardio. I put a flat screen in the corner so I can do on-demand exercise or DVD’s. We added a ceiling fan so I don’t faint. I know everyone doesn’t have room for a home gym. You don’t really need all this stuff. When my husband and I exercise at the same time, I will grab my kettle bells and go to another room. I like to change-up my routine to keep from getting bored. So I often just grab my stuff a go outside. I think my favorite equipment is my heart rate monitor. I have a polar F 7. It has a strap which I don’t actually mind. It’s essential to check my calories burned. I don’t want to overestimate. Whatever your fitness style is the most important thing is to get it done. Don’t let lack of equipment prevent you from exercising.


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