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Gluten & Dairy Free Day 1

I searched my small town and found plenty of gluten-free products in the larger chain stores. Raley’s had the best choice. I found gluten-free waffles, crackers,pancake mix, cookies, and pasta. The problem is I usually don’t eat those things. I’m really not a big starch girl. I see it is easy to be gluten-free and not healthy. Many of the foods were just empty calories. I plan to do gluten-free the healthy way. I usually eat egg white omelette with veggies for breakfast. I throw in a whole wheat tortilla and turkey or chicken sausage. I switched to a brown rice tortilla. Kind of crumbly but not bad. I did brown and wild rice for lunch and dinner. This is one of my usual choices so not really a big deal. I like my frozen meals for lunch.That eliminated my Kashi frozen meals. I guess I will have to make lunch which I was planning to do anyway. I didn’t realize the dairy was such a big thing either .I accidentally bought spinach feta sausage. Oh well. I will pay closer attention next time. So far so good.  One lesson learned already. Read labels! Gluten free does not always mean healthy.

When will I learn to read the whole food label!!!

Really! I have been scanning my food with Fooducate app lately but the store was crowded and I was tired. Im trying to look for healthy quick food. I looked at the label. Calorie’s ok. Fat not to bad. Protein good. So why did I forget to look at sodium. 1200 mg omg!!!! When will I learn to read a food label. The whole label. This was supposed to be my lunch today. I just couldn’t do it. I’ll eat it when I have more time to make it into a smaller portion. I took my organic bistro salmon instead. It’s easy to pick up a quick food but not the best thing for you. I’m trying to eat less processed food. I will have to continue to make my own food. It’s the only way. I keep getting burned when I look for the quick and easy.


I Love Trader Joes

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Trader Joes is my favorite grocery store . Of course I live in a town that doesn’t have one but that’s ok i have 3 within half an hour. Contrary to popular believe it’s not a health food store. It has plenty of healthy food but also has plenty of not do good food.  Its hard to explain why I like Trader Joes until I read their story on their website. They have innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods and not at a whole paycheck kind of price. I like how there is always something new to try. As I stated before you muse be careful and read labels. I will share some of my favorite products on my latest trip.

  • Trader Joe’s Rice Medley – It’s a blend of brown rice ,red rice and black barley . It comes in a microwave bag and is ready in 3 minutes. It taste so good. A good source of whole grains
  • Trade Joe’s Greek Style  Yogurt- great flavors , low in sugar and high in protein. The pomegranate flavor has 13 g carbs, 14 g protein with 110 calories.
  • Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup make sure you get the low sodium.  Great as a soup alone or as a base for many meals last time I was there they made a chicken tortilla soup with it. Did I tell you about the samples
  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili LIme Burger great taste for a meal in a flash. I make burgers with green chili and avocado. Only takes 6 minutes to cook from frozen

These are just a few of my favorites. The fresh veggies and fruits are excellent. Prices are cool to. It’s definately worth the trip.

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