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Why am I Losing Weight?

Wow I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. This is surprising! I was sick but I’ve been fine these past 2 weeks, Have I broken my plateau? Is it the kale? I’ve added kale as my new favorite veggie. I’m puzzled!
I’m not counting calories. I’m actually not doing any formal exercise until today. I have been remodeling a bedroom last week and working like crazy this week. Why do I lose weight when I’m not trying but have a hard time when I’m trying too? I think I will never know! I’ll just keep eating healthy and exercising.

San Francisco Soul

I’m still home from work. I’m not sick but I haven’t been cleared by the health department to return to work. My labs are still pending. I had E Coli and have to have a test of cure. I met my cousin in the Bay Area yesterday and she took me to this awesome hole in the wall. It’s in San Francisco. It seriously is a window counter in an alley. Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet. Chicken, Waffles, Greens. MMM! Weight loss and healthy eating was not on the menu today. This may be why I’ve only lost a few pounds in the last 1-2 months. I lost 5 lbs last week but that was dehydration. I gained it back as expected. I had the catfish po boy and sweet tea. It was awesome. My daughter had fried chicken and waffles. She acted like she hadn’t eating in days! This type of food can’t be a regular thing but everyone deserves at treat now and then. My Mom would say soul food is good for the soul.



Boredom makes me eat!!

Boredom makes me eat! This has not been a great weekend for me eating healthy. Date night , take out ,then a way to long kids birthday party. Not to mention I didn’t work out because I worked as well as did  all these activities. I only planned to snack at the birthday party but this isn’t your average kids party. It was at the country club. They have good fancy food. Tortolini, prosciutto, sliders,red velvet cake. I was doing good but these dang waiters kept coming by. Then as the party dragged on and my child didn’t want to leave I started grazing. I can only smooze so much. I was not hungry. Just bored. It was a doctors party. I can only talk about work and kids so much. Then I walked around and ran into the country club bar. Wine was calling my name. I guess I deserve a weekend off. I will not feel guilty. I started right back on track at dinner. None of that, I already blew it crap! One good thing I noticed that my jeans are getting loose. All but the belly. That’s always the last to go.I  will have slip ups but I’m going to lose weight and keep it off.

Mothers Day Brunch Not

Oh another reason to eat! The holidays pile up when your trying to eat healthy. My husband had several suggestions today. Mexicali Rose they have the best fried pork chops. Brunch at Jordan ‘s or last but not least he will cook a fabulous meal. Usually steak but he does surprise. I’m sure I could eat healthy anywhere. I’m not one who’s going to stop living in my quest for weight loss but I will make the temptation a little easier. I tell my husband thank you but momma is starting a new tradition. First the zoo sounds great or shopping followed by Sushi. Both lots of walking. Of course the shopping got nixed but he has a better idea. I will find out soon. Happy Mothers day.

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