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I lost inches!

Yeah I lost inches! I have had really slow weight loss compared to previous attempts. I’m sure there are several reasons for that. Being over 40 is probably a factor. Whatever the reason is I’m not going to stop. Slow is fine as long as it’s permanent! I didn’t want to lose my motivation. When the scale doesn’t move or in my case goes up that’s easy to do. In the last 3 weeks the scale has gone up 2 lbs & then down resulting in a 1/2 lb loss. I have lost inches. I lost an inch in my chest and hips. The waste didn’t budge but I’ll take progress in any form. I think it’s important not to rely only on the scale. Weight loss is personal and not going to follow the 1-2 lbs a week rule in everyone all the time. Do what works for you but most important don’t give up!!!

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