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K.I.S.S. For Weight Loss

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I’m in information overload. I spent too much time this weekend blog searching. I blame the rain in June. So weird for California. Anyway, now I want to try 50 new foods ,shakes and recipes. At least 100 new workouts. I don’t think any of these are magic pills. I just like to try new things. When I get too much information my mind goes into overload. I then remember what my college math professor wrote on my first paper. K.I.S.S.. I remember thinking ,I know this man is not trying to flirt ! What does that mean? He told me Keep it simple stupid! At first I was mad as any 17 y/o would be but I have now come to live by this advice I can’t try every thing at once. Trying new things is fun but keep it in perspective.  Add new foods but maybe not daily. For workouts just make sure you do one and stick to it.  I like to change-up every one to two months. Building something into your routine is how you keep changes.  My doctor turned me on to this great series called health coaching. I should be available for Kaiser as well as none Kaiser members. https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/healthcoach/
When I get frustrated I go back to these emails and videos and remember one new thing at a time. Its the same advice I give parents on introducing food to their children. Sometimes the advice I give is so hard to follow!!

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