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Farmers Market Bounty


I love the farmers market. I like to go early and park a few blocks away. I bring my kart and get little walking in. So many veggies & fruits to choose from. Sometimes I go overboard but I feel like cooking this week.
Eggplant – Baba Ganoush
Berries- eat fresh & mix with yogurt for smoothies
Cauliflower – my daughter’s favorite
Kale – kale chips & any thing else I can think of
What do you like from the farmers market?

Variety is the spice of life!


20110525-035707.jpgI like to try new foods. I get bored easily. So I often visit grocery stores out of my area when I can. It may be the same type of food but a new brand. It can taste different. Today I went to Whole Foods. I know whole paycheck. I couldn’t shop here on a regular basis but its nice to once in a while. I live in California and the stores are nice but not as nice as the ones in Vegas. I’ve been a little spoiled. Siggi’s yogurt is absolutely the best! It was on sale today. It’s not greek yogurt but taste even better . Its Icelandic yogurt. The orange ginger has  tiny bits of fresh ginger. MMM! I haven’t tried the kale chips but they look interesting. I love the cheese samples. My daughter won’t go near that department. She says it smells like a thousand stinky feet. She was in school. No problem for me. You can eat lunch there, so I had brown rice spicy salmon sushi.  All in all it was a  fun trip. Now off to try tilapia with fresh fennel for dinner.

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