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Exercise is my new drug!

I love to exercise. Many people think I just started this latest weight loss battle in January. Not! I actually started last year. I last lost weight for my 20 year college reunion. I lost about 25 lbs. My goal was 40. After the reunion I gained weight. I’m glad to say not all of it but enough of it. I slacked off exercise & eating habits. I signed up for tae kwon do by accident. I went to sign up my daughter and was talked in to a 10 week special. Next thing I know I’ve signed a two-year contract. I did change some eating habits but I wanted to see if I could lose weight without counting calories. You can, I just wasn’t paying that much attention or planning. I did maintain my weight which was great. I had now made exercise a habit. Now if I don’t exercise I feel restless. I need to get those endorphins! I don’t exercise daily but usually 5-6 days a week. I started gradually and then it just became habit. My regimen now includes tae kwon do 2-3 times a week , weights plus cardio 2 days a week and just cardio one day. Cardio is mainly my spinning bike. I have bad knees and put enough stress on them doing my jump kicks. I will eventually have to jog for my black belt but I want to lose more weight and put less stress on my knees. I do Podrunner intervals couch to 5k on my bike. I do kettle bells usually with Jillian Michals Shred -It with Weights or use them with my Nike Training Club app. Both incorporate a little cardio with weights. If I do anything on the 7th day its yoga or tai chi. Well time to get those endorphins;)

Fitness equipment

You don’t need much to get your fitness on. I have a home gym. We took a spare room and made it the gym. We’ve had it for years and use it off and on. My family is now on a fitness phase and we are using our room quite often. I don’t need much equipment but my husband is a big guy so we have a weight machine. I love my exercise bike. We got it from Costco a few years ago. It’s a spinning bike. We even have cycling shoes that clip in the peddles. I use kettle bells and medicine ball for resistance training. We put rubber mats on the floor. This makes it cool to do cardio. I put a flat screen in the corner so I can do on-demand exercise or DVD’s. We added a ceiling fan so I don’t faint. I know everyone doesn’t have room for a home gym. You don’t really need all this stuff. When my husband and I exercise at the same time, I will grab my kettle bells and go to another room. I like to change-up my routine to keep from getting bored. So I often just grab my stuff a go outside. I think my favorite equipment is my heart rate monitor. I have a polar F 7. It has a strap which I don’t actually mind. It’s essential to check my calories burned. I don’t want to overestimate. Whatever your fitness style is the most important thing is to get it done. Don’t let lack of equipment prevent you from exercising.


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