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What I Ate Wenesday- Vegas Version

Ah ,it’s so hard to eat healthy in Vegas. I decided to twist WIAW in honor of vacation. I will show you what I ate on my vacation last week. I don’t gamble.My passion is food and shopping. I try to eat healthy for most meals but I do end up trying some excellent food. I also don’t waste my calories on alcohol. I stick to wine. I’ve been such a light weight with alcohol lately that this is not a problem.






I didn't eat this one but it's so cute! Jean Philippe at Aria

Fresh & Easy


I go to grocery stores just for fun. It’s a habit I picked up from my Mom. We just loved trying new stuff. I decided to go to Fresh & Easy while I’m in Vegas. We have them in California but not near my house. After this visit I realize I like this store. It’s not worth the drive like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. They have their own brands which is cool. I like there ready to eat meals. Eating Well Meals are pretty good. A little heavy on the carb side. I would also add veggies. They are a good starting point for a quick-lunch. I did like the instant brown rice. I picked one with seaweed and sesame. I recommend this store for my niece. She is single and eats fast food a lot. She needs something fresh and easy .
What’s your favorite grocery store?


Scale Vacation!

I am forced to take a scale vacation!. I’m in lovely Las Vegas and my wonderful timeshare doesn’t have a scale. What am I going to do? I usually weigh myself butt naked in the morning after I pee. I can’t do that for a week. I’m actually really happy about that. Ok ,its only the second day and I may feel different by the end of the week. I like to look at the positive side of things and this could be good for me mentally. I need a scale break. That doesn’t mean I will go on a feeding frenzy. I still need to watch my calories but also enjoy my self.

Staying in a time share can help with that. You can actually rent them now. It’s cheaper than the hotel I usually stay. I love the full kitchen, fridge and washer dryer. I packed Cereal,oatmeal,coffee, nuts and dried fruit in my carry on bag. . The store in the timeshare was great for pick ing up milk ,fresh fruit, and canned tuna. My goal is to have breakfast and snacks. There is a grill at the pool you can use. This will be cool! Did I mention the gym. Ok enough for now time to vacay;)


No brown belt testing today:(

Las Vegas, Nevada, at night

Image by Michael Ransburg via Flickr

Ok I was already and psyched for  brown belt testing today.  Ok let me not lie to you.  I hurt my back on Monday and I was dreading testing today! Its better but I’m not sure it was going to stand up to testing. I was going to try anyway. That is not why I’m not testing. There was a death in my  Tae Kwon Do Instructors family. Grandpa  Keki passed away. Testing has been postponed until next week. I will be on vacation in lovely Las Vegas next week so I will not be able to test until next month.  My condolences to the Aranda/Reed family. I do understand the loss of a parent and grandparent all to well. Now its time to pack for Vegas. I know a trip to SIN City sounds fun but I’m going to see my 85 y/o dad. Don’t get me wrong I will have some adult fun squeezed in. I will also have a 9 y/o hangout with me. I will be blogging from Vegas tomorrow. What fun! Can I stay healthy in Vegas? We will see.

Vegas – Trying To Eat Clean In SIn City

Vegas Vacation

Image via Wikipedia

Let’s me start by saying I have on my jeans that were getting pretty tight and not at all comfy! Well they are now comfy again. I’m down about 13 lbs. It took me two weeks to recover from my Vegas trip.
For me it’s not your usual Vegas Vacation. I go to Vegas with my 9 y/o daughter every other month. We go to visit my 85 y/o dad. He’s widowed and lives in an assisted living facility. We still stay in a hotel on the strip and yes I still eat ,drink  and shop!  Those are my favorite things to do in Vegas. I’m not a gambler.
If I can eat at my dads  it would be great. It’s senior food. Small portions low-fat and salt. It’s actually quite good but he wants to get out and eat somewhere else. So in comes Mimi’s, Dave’s Famous & the Steak House. Luckily no buffet this time. He buffed out.
I did plan as well as I could. We usually stay in Vadara it’s a non casino hotel at the City Center. It’s supposed to be a time share but since the economy is bad they just made it a hotel. It has a fridge, stove top and microwave. So I buy breakfast to eat. The problem is the places my dad picks and the late night eating and drinking with my cousins.
I did great the first  two days. The hotel has a gym but I had work outs on my phone. I know I can’t eat healthy all the time but since this is a frequent trip for me I need to at least try to keep some of the days under control. The last night I went to Julian Serrano’s in The Aria. It’s a Spanish tapas place. It was definitely worth the wait! Adios:)

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