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Eliminating Stress!!

I love em!

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This is an important step for me. I am a stress eater. My favorite  stress release meal in medical school was from Parkway Deli in Silver Spring Maryland.

Delight 1/2 LB of grilled pastrami, melted muenster, slaw & Russian dressing on grilled pumpernickel . I would top that off with a bag of Utz Crab Chips and a Dr. Brown Black Cherry Soda. I don’t know if  it relieved my stress or sent me into carb coma. If stress causes me to binge I need to work on that. I developed my worst habits in my seven years of training. Drinking Pepsi nonstop to stay awake for a 36 hours call shift. Fast food was the name of the game. I have learned to eat better now but I’m still a stress eater. This year I really had to look at my life to cut some stress. I learned to say no to working extra and decreased my social schedule. I  can’t drop the stressful people in my family but  can decrease my contact with them. I like text and email. It leads to less arguments. I now take out my stress in my Tae Kwon Do class. I have a punching bag in my office. I invite all my colleague’s to come hit it at anytime. I cut back on my running around time. I used to run all my errands at lunch so I could pick up my daughter on time from day care.  I do more stuff online and ask my husband for help. I realized I can’t do it all. My biggest change is meditating. Of course I have an app for that. HPY is great. I still have stress and will eat because of it. Lately its been a Chocolate Vitamuffin Top instead of Death by Chocolate Cake! I hope I keep it up.

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