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Tae Kwon Do at 40 something! Crazy but fun:)

my daughter and I testing sparring gear

I started Tae Kwon Do  at 41. I can’t believe I’m about to test for my brown belt. I’m not the most athletic person but I love to fight. It’s a great stress reliever to go punch and kick after a hard day at work. My daughter and I do it together. We are in different classes because of age group but we test together. It’s getting harder as the belts increase. I now do jump kicks and have to remember 5 forms. Palgwe 5 is currently kicking my butt as is back leg side jump kick. I need to increase my cardio endurance .Yesterday I had to do one on one sparring. I usually spar for 2-3 minutes in a group but one on one with people judging the match was hard. Did I mention I was sparring teenage boys and adult men. I am often the only girl in class 😦 but I don’t let it stop me.This is my new  motivation to lose weight. A simple event or dress just doesn’t work for me but a life long sport or activity does work. I also thinks its fun because a lot of my patients are in the same TKD school. It’s cool to see your doctor out there running and jumping. I love to cheer my patients on during testing. Some days I feel like the tin man when class

I"m getting close to black!

starts. My knees kill me but during sparring I’m like what knee. Being fit at 40 makes me feel young. What motivates you to exercise? Testing is Friday. I’ll keep you posted. Now to practice. Palgwe 5 has 35 movements!

House Music Workout!

Chicago skyline at sunrise

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Did I tell you I’m an 80’s child. I grew up on Chicago House Music. House music is an electronic disco style  music that is heavy on the base. It has a soul funk kind of vibe. It was popular in the 80’s in Chicago. I was in high school and college during the 80’s. It’s a great form of exercise. When we were teenagers the girls would take an extra tank top and put it in our back pockets to change into. We worked up quit a sweat and were not into wet t-shirts yet:) When I think back to the 80’s I was looking good. I thought I was big at the time but I now think I was different from my mom and friends. They were all 3&4’s I was 6-8. I now know that was just me. I was never meant to be a petite girl. I’m surprised I was so little.I had a horrible diet. I ate Wendy’s every day after school and then went home for dinner. I also burned  so many calories back then. I walked everywhere. I rode my bike along Lake Michigan for hours.  I danced for activity. Jazz dance was popular and if you didn’t smile you would do a dance over 25 times. Back then I would put on my house music extended play LP (no play list back then) and dance around my room. I now listen to my playlist to bring me back to that time. I was young and free. I just didn’t know it. Now the music motivates me to sweat once again. What’s your favorite songs to make you sweat?


I lost inches!

Yeah I lost inches! I have had really slow weight loss compared to previous attempts. I’m sure there are several reasons for that. Being over 40 is probably a factor. Whatever the reason is I’m not going to stop. Slow is fine as long as it’s permanent! I didn’t want to lose my motivation. When the scale doesn’t move or in my case goes up that’s easy to do. In the last 3 weeks the scale has gone up 2 lbs & then down resulting in a 1/2 lb loss. I have lost inches. I lost an inch in my chest and hips. The waste didn’t budge but I’ll take progress in any form. I think it’s important not to rely only on the scale. Weight loss is personal and not going to follow the 1-2 lbs a week rule in everyone all the time. Do what works for you but most important don’t give up!!!


Title page of The Holy Bible, King James versi...

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This a quote from Joel Osteen
“You may start small, but if you stay faithful, you’re not going to end small. Don’t be discouraged in a season of preparation. You’re developing strength, trust and confidence. God‘s developing a foundation so that He can take you to new heights!” It’s not specific for weight loss but it fits perfectly. I need  motivation. This is a long journey. The scale isn’t moving as fast as usual but I see my body changing. I wore a dress from last year it’s longer. It’s not stuck on my butt like it usually is;) I may start with small changes but with faith I will develop
a strong more fit body. To do this I need to build a strong foundation of healthy eating and exercise. I can see that now nut I have to remember  I’m not always going to see that. I’m human and have my moments. I will remember when my faith is low to read my bible. People get inspiration from many sources. This is one of mine.

King James Bible Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Bring it Outside

Don’t get stuck in a rut! Bring your workout outside. Make it portable. It will keep you motivated. Do it in your backyard, on the front porch , at the playground with your kids! Like Nike says. Just do it!



Get a healthy partner

Getting our blue belts

I have an unusual partner in health. My 9 y/o daughter. She has become my new motivator . She’s my exercise buddy, my assistant chef.  She says she likes mommy squishy but it would be good if I was a little smaller. She is learning about healthy eating at school and shares her health tips with me. She actually eats pretty good for a kid.  She helps me make my lunch and evening snack. We try new recipes together.  If she doesn’t like it she tells me “its ok for you to eat it mom because its healthy”.  We both take Tae Kwon do and are  blue belts. We love to kick each other around the house. Our new favorite exercise is Nike Training Club App on my iPhone.  It’s an awesome app. It has several workouts involving cardio and weights. She will ask can we work out together even if she has done Tae Kwon do for the day. If I’m tired she says oh mom you can do it. Its fun.Tonight she asked me to wait until she finished her homework so we can work out together.  We take walks in the neighborhood and ride our bikes and don’t even get me started on Kinect. I couldn’t ask for a better motivator. She motivates me in several ways. Trying to keep up with a 9 y/o is hard. I don’t want to watch from the sidelines I want to be an active mom. She encourages me to be healthy and makes me want to be healthy so I can spend my years with her. Everyone should have a partner in health. I thank God for mine.

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